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Morocco & the Canary Islands

Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Lisbon

Morocco & the Canary Islands
From the dazzle of the Casbah to the tropical serenity of the Canary Islands, this voyage is a perfect blend of indulgences. Take a leisurely stroll through the storied souks of Agadir, and let yourself relax into the tropical mood. Explore quiet beaches, sample fine wines, and soak up the Spanish culture of one of the world’s treasured places.

A Complimentary Windstar Private Event

Morocco & the Canary Islands

Marrakech: Textures and Treasures

The first treat you'll enjoy during this exclusive Textures and Treasures event is the Majorelle Gardens, lovingly restored by Yves Saint Laurent. Stroll among ornamental lakes, and examine the exotic plant life collected from five continents.

You'll next be served lunch in a private, tented camp in the heart of the exclusive Palm Groves neighborhood of Marrakech. We've planned some wonderful entertainment, including folkloric animations and even belly dancers.

After lunch, you'll visit the holy site of Ben Youssef Madrasa – a stunning example of 16th century Moorish architecture. From the quiet of the Madrasa, you'll be transported to the colorful buzz of activity in Souk Smarine. This maze of alleys and small squares is where you'll find a baffling array of stalls and shops – the perfect place for a treasure hunt. And, finally, you'll arrive in Djem√°a el Fna square, where fire-eaters, mime artists, snake-charmers, and street musicians perform. A truly magical day – planned solely for Windstar guests.

Please note: This Private Event is the only shore excursion available in Casablanca.

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