Perfect Tastes, Casual Elegance

Every meal is just what you’d expect on your own private yacht — perfect. You’re free to eat when, where, and with whomever you please. And, please, don’t bother to pack the tux, the formal wear, or even a sport coat. Casually elegant is the rule of the day — where you stay casually comfortable and we’ll provide every elegant touch.

Naturally, each delightful dish is prepared exactly to your liking — and served in your favorite setting, whether it’s breakfast in bed, lunch alfresco at Veranda, dinner in the exquisite AmphorA restaurant, or an indulgent dessert in Stella Bistro. Or perhaps you’d rather make it a romantic tĂȘte-a-tĂȘte under the stars in Candles Grill, transformed by night into dreamlike paradise.

This is your yacht, so, of course, all your sumptuous meals are included, wherever you choose to enjoy them. As with everything on Windstar, it’s all about choice. And the choice is always yours.

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