Lisbon to Dublin - 8 Days New in 2014
Lisbon, Porto, Vigo, El Ferrol, Brest, Isle of Scilly, Waterford, Dublin
Follow the dreamers of the world from the coast that launched a thousand explorers to the land of leprechauns and rainbows. Nations that face the Atlantic have always wondered what lies beyond that distant horizon. Driven by curiosity and stoked with courage, they embarked on quests to expand their understanding of the world, and in the process, shared with the world their own colorful cultures. Portugal’s fine port wine and soulful fado music. Ireland’s delicate crystal and stout Guinness. Galicia’s famed seafood, and Brittany’s multitude of granite castles and chateaux. Everywhere you turn, this voyage is full of fascinating discoveries.

Windstar Private Event — New in 2015
Porto: Vintage City
Porto's contribution to the world of wine cannot be overestimated. But the city is about far more than just port wine. As a Windstar guest, you are invited to take a private guided panoramic tour through the historic center of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Your personal tour will continue at Ferreira Cellars, built in 1751. This lovely port lodge is located just across the river from Porto in Vila Nova de Gaia. Here you'll learn the nuances of how the famous fortified wine of Porto is made.

After your tour, you'll enjoy a glass of port and a fado performance given by nationally known singer Joana Costa. Fado is called the blues music of Portugal and is a not-to-be-missed cultural experience. The performance will be followed by a wonderful three-course dinner of traditional dishes.

This exclusive Windstar Private Event is designed to immerse you in the pleasures of Portuguese culture.

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