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Lifestyle of the Rich & Famous

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If you've ever wanted to feel like royalty, living the jet-set lifestyle in the chicest ports in the Mediterranean, this is the itinerary for you. We are so excited about our Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras Voyages and can't wait for you to experience these unforgettable destinations with us.

Even the word “riviera” brings to mind flawless beaches adorned with elegant people. Begin in Barcelona, where old world cathedrals and narrow Gothic Quarter alleyways allude to the cities long and eventful past, while the pulsing nightlife and picturesque promenades evidence the modern flair of Spain. And you've heard of your next stop – St. Tropez – the playground for the rich and famous since Brigitte Bardot sunned herself here on perfect white sands in the 1950s. St. Tropez continues to be legendary today – movie stars and musicians refer to it as one of their favorite vacationing spots.

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Continue to Cannes. Cannes is to France what Beverly Hills is to the United States. Spoil yourself in the exclusive boutiques and keep your eyes peeled for international celebrities. And Monte Carlo is not to be overlooked – if you desire opulence, luxury and glamour, there are few destinations which can deliver to the extent as this gem in Monaco. To the charming hillside of Portovenere and the irresistible cuisine of Portoferraio, then finally to the timelessness of Rome, every moment of our Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras Voyages will stay with you forever.
Explore our Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras Voyages!


    Awesome-Who wants to put together a hot party cruise? Im in Miami and I can get the word our fast.

  • William J Woody

    As a past guess my wife and I salute your new presentation and would love to sail with you again. Unfortunately our US economy and personal saving of us being seniors have delayed our dream for now. We wish you much sucess and hope to be with you again someday soon.

    William & Sue

    • http://www.windstarcruises.com/blog Windstar Cruises

      Hi William & Sue,

      Thank you so much for your kind wishes. We also hope to see you with us again soon – we are very excited about the our upcoming future and are so honored that our loyal guests have shown such unwavering support.


      The Windstar Team

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