Philipsburg to Philipsburg - 7 Days
Philipsburg, Barbuda, Roseau, Pigeon Island, Les Saints, Basseterre, Nevis, St. Barths, Gustavia
Come away to a place where the chatter of tropical birds is the most noticeable distraction. Where multi-tasking means finishing that novel while you work on your tan. Where your main responsibility is to remember the sunscreen and your greatest joy is simply being alive in this moment. Crystalline waters invite you to indulge and you can do it all right from the yacht’s Watersports Platform – snorkeling, kayaking, water skiing . . . or simply paddle around. When you’re ready to wander, strap up for a zip line over the rainforest canopy – go mountain biking – try a certified scuba dive – or meander through the quaint, vibrant village shops and cafés. In one single journey you’ll experience the best of the Caribbean . . . and the best of yourself.

Windstar Private Event
St. Lucia: Getaway in Paradise
When we anchor at Rodney Bay, Windstar guests will be transported to an isolated beach on beautiful Pigeon Island.

This is what going on vacation is all about. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the steel drums play. Pigeon Island's vibrant coral reef is the underwater portion of the National Park – and a revelation to snorkelers. Natural hot springs flow into the waters to create a haven for fish, giant sponges, huge seafans, and other marine life.

Your spot on the beach is also just below Fort Rodney, so if you’re curious, you can wander up to the old British fort and explore.

This is a Windstar event, so of course the food will be wonderful – fresh local fish, lobster and conch, plus local side dishes that will make your mouth water. Once sated, you'll return to your yacht with warm memories of a day well spent.
  • YEAR: 
  • 2015
  • Classic Caribbean GO