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Gems of France & Iberia

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The dramatic coastline between Dover and Lisbon challenges the imagination – terraced hillsides, soaring chalk-white cliffs, sweeping white-sand beaches, and the towering turrets of Mont St. Michel. Fine port wines, quaint Norman villages, the quiet heroism of history. The elegant Wind Surf brings it all together in one sweeping voyage.

A Complimentary Windstar Private Event

A Complimentary Windstar Private Event

Porto: Songs and Spirits of Portugal

Porto's contribution to the world of wine cannot be overestimated. But the city is about far more than just port wine. As a Windstar guest, you are invited to take a private guided panoramic tour through the historic center of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Your personal tour will continue at Ferreira Cellars, built in 1751. This lovely port lodge is located just across the river from Porto in Vila Nova de Gaia. Here you'll learn the nuances of how the famous fortified wine of Porto is made.

Steeped in the beauty of the city and the character of the wine, we’ll now indulge. As we sip port, we’ll let ourselves drift to the haunting and expressive strains of Portugal’s iconic fado music in a private performance by the acclaimed singer, Joana Costa. Following the performance, warm with music and port, we’ll enjoy cocktails and a sumptuous traditional “dinatoire” (buffet).

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