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Singapore, Malaysia & Myanmar Cruisetour

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Cruise round trip from Singapore through the fascinating kaleidoscope of cultures that make Malaysia and Thailand sparkle with excitement. Then travel to a world long closed to western eyes, the mystical beauty of Myanmar where a gilded spire rises almost 35 stories to greet you, its crest embedded with jewels, its apex lifting a 72-carat diamond to the heavens. Where a golden sunset silhouettes thousands of ancient temples stretched across a stunning horizon and the smiles of the world’s most hospitable people, light your world as they welcome you to their magical country for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A Complimentary Windstar Private Event

A Complimentary Windstar Private Event

Phuket: A Feast for the Senses

Thai people are world-famous for their abundance of warmth and refinement – and we've planned for you to experience the best of both during a private Feast for the Senses event in Phuket.

You will be welcomed with a fragrant flower garland and a beautiful smile. Watch a Long Drum Parade and dancers – performed exclusively for Windstar guests – before enjoying a private pre-dinner reception. Savor the gorgeous views of the Andaman Sea along with your exquisite dinner at the award-winning restaurant, Sala Bua (Pavilion of Lotus). And afterward, enjoy a private performance of graceful Thai dance – the elegant dramatic art form of Thailand. The entire event has been planned exclusively for Windstar guests.

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