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Discover the jewels of southern Spain one mouthwatering bite and sip at a time.
  • Two cooking demonstrations led by SAVEUR guest chef
  • Winemaker Jorge Ordonez and a master sommelier host two special dinners and wine lectures
  • Complimentary local wines served throughout the voyage
  • Complimentary daily wine tasting and tapas served before dinner
  • Two complimentary food and wine themed excursions
There is only one departure of this unique 8-day itinerary.
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Enjoy a special bon voyage party and meet your hosts in this splendid capital city on the banks of the Rio Tejo. Attend a pre-dinner wine tasting and celebrate your first evening of this extraordinary itinerary.
Sail along the rugged Algarve coastline toward the tranquil Bay of Cádiz and the sun-drenched shores of Spain. Get some background on Spanish wines during an informative guest lecture, then attend a daily wine tasting before the Captain's cocktail party and welcome dinner. A cooking demonstration by a SAVEUR guest chef is also on the agenda. At evening’s end, a special turn-down gift welcomes you back to your spacious stateroom.
CÁdiz (Seville), Spain
Walk in the footsteps of Sir Francis Drake and Horatio Nelson as you explore the ancient city of Cádiz. If you like, use "Cadiz Overview and Sherry Cellar Tour and Tasting" as one of your two complimentary shore excursions. Or enjoy an optional visit to Seville, where you’ll find one of the world’s largest, and most beautiful, cathedrals, as well as artisan shops, quaint cafés, and the impressive Plaza de España. After your wine and cheese tasting, savor a special wine dinner with wine pairings by your guest sommelier.
MÁlaga, Spain
Here, on the shores of Costa del Sol, the Andalusian spirit thrives in everything from Picasso’s works to the beautiful village of Mijas, known for creating some of the world’s best wines. If you like, embark on one of your complimentary shore excursions——“A Wine Experience in Málaga.”
AlmerÍa (Granada), Spain
Enjoy a walking tour of this ancient city (no vehicles are allowed within its walls) and see the Theatro Cervantes, a beautiful theater devoted exclusively to the works of the great Spanish writer. Or opt for a beautiful drive through the Andalusian countryside to Granada and the magnificent Moorish Palace of the Alhambra. Built in the 14th century, it’s a breathtaking example of Muslim architecture. Put what you learn in today’s wine lecture to the test during your daily wine tasting, and learn how to create delicious Spanish cuisine during a cooking demonstration by a SAVEUR expert. Afterwards, enjoy a delicious barbecue complemented by select wines. The evening’s highlight: A private flamenco performance.
Founded by the Carthaginians in the 3rd century B.C., this historically rich city is home to the medieval Castille de la Concepcion and the endlessly fascinating National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Use one of your two complimentary shore excursions to visit Jamilla Cellars, if you like. Afterwards, learn more about Spanish wines during a guest lecture and during your evening wine tasting. Don’t be surprised if a thoughtful turn-down gift appears on your pillow before you retire.
Valencia’s religious architecture is remarkable, and the Lonja, one of Europe’s most elegant buildings is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll be tempted to use one of your complimentary shore excursions here—"Valencia and Requena Wine Cellars" will awaken your palate for the wine and tapas tasting before dinner and the special wine dinner and wine pairings presented by your chef and sommelier.
Bypass the busy harbor at Palma and anchor in quaint Port de Sóller, with its calm, sheltered waters and surrounding Tramuntana mountain range. Discover Sóller’s wealth of Art Deco architecture, listen to classical music in a medieval monastery, or if you haven’t yet used them both (such restraint!), take advantage of one of your complimentary shore excursions to explore: "Olive and Orange World" or "Mallorca Uncorked." Today’s onboard culinary demonstration by a local chef gives you insights into regional cuisine. Cap off your day with a wine tasting and wine-themed farewell deck party. Cheers!
Old meets new in this sunny Catalan metropolis, where narrow alleyways contrast with grand boulevards, trendy cuisine meets homemade tapas, and the mind-boggling architecture of Antoni Gaudí punctuates the skyline. Extend your cruise with extra time to explore Barcelona and enjoy a stay at one of Windstar’s beautiful hand-picked hotels, Gallery Hotel in the heart of the city, or Wilson Boutique Hotel on one of Barcelona’s finest streets.