Vibrant Cultures
Your elegant white yacht seems custom-made for the lyrical lands of the Black and Aegean Seas. Explore the golden age of Greece and the vestiges of Ottoman glory along shores that are as beautiful and untouched today as they were centuries ago. Sense the ghosts of Soviet might in Balkan dachas and wander medieval towns that have watched empires rise and fall, and remained to tell the tale.

  Athens to Istanbul
Explore the hidden delights of the Greek Isles, the Turkish coasts, and the greatest icons of civilization on this, our signature voyage.
Pride of the Aegean - New in 2014 on Star Pride!
Athens to Istanbul
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Black Sea Tapestry - New in 2014 on Star Pride!
Istanbul to Istanbul
Explore the transcendent magic of Istanbul and the enigmatic, once hidden, wonders of Europe’s Black Sea in signature Windstar yachting style. >More
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