Norther Europe Cruises

Epic Landscapes
Along the spectacular coastlines of Northern Europe discover a world that beckons voyagers. In the lanes and countrysides of its villages, find a warmth that welcomes travelers. In the vitality of its cities, tap into an energy that revives and renews. And in the majestic fjords and sweeping seascapes of Northern Europe’s waters, let Windstar’s graceful sailing yachts introduce you to the true meaning of wonder.

Baltic Sea Cruise   Stockholm to Stockholm
Witness the convergence of Baltic history, traditional culture, and modern architecture, capped by an overnight in St. Petersburg.
Gaelic Explorers   Dublin to Edinburgh
From the pubs of Dublin to the castles of Edinburgh, journey through hills and highlands, idyllic islands, and lyrical landscapes.
Baltic Sea Cruise   Edinburgh to Stockholm
The stunning beauty of Norway surrounds you; sparkling Scandinavian capitals delight you; charming villages capture your heart.
  Lisbon to Dublin
Follow the dreamers of the world from the coast that launched a thousand explorers to the land of leprechauns and rainbows. >More
Baltic Delights  
Baltic Delights - New in 2015!
Stockholm to Copenhagen
Visit seven magical countries and eight delightful cities as you travel through the Baltic's most fascinating cultures and breathtaking scenery.
Culinary & Wine Delights of Spain & France   Lisbon to London & Dublin to Lisbon
Taste your way through France and the Iberian Peninsula discovering gustatory gifts from fine wine to tapas.
Gems of France & Iberia  
Gems of France & Iberia - New in 2015!
Dover to Lisbon
Sail away on the elegant Wind Surf to the stunning coasts of France, Spain, and Portugal and discover a place where history, culture, and cuisine intertwine.
Lands of the Midnight Sun  
Lands of the Midnight Sun - New in 2015!
Copenhagen to Reykjavik
Witness charming Norwegian fishing villages, the raw and rugged majesty of the Shetland and Faroe Islands, the fire and ice of Iceland.
Northern Europe Wonderlands   London to Copenhagen
Captivating canals and cultural treasures await you on this scintillating voyage to the Netherlands and Germany.
Windmills & Tall Sails  
Windmills & Tall Sails - New in 2015!
Oslo to Dover
Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience as Wind Surf participates in the legendary Sail Amsterdam Parade, held only twice each decade.
Spectacular Scandinavia  
Spectacular Scandinavia - New in 2015!
Stockholm to Oslo
Stockholm's stunning archipelago, Oslo's lush fjords, the glittering gardens of Copenhagen – Scandinavia at its beautiful best.
Browse for your perfect Windstar Cruises Baltic cruise itinerary   See all Northern Europe voyages. >More