3 New Itineraries in Northern Europe!

Do you know where you’re going this summer? Why not explore the historical, geographically astounding and culturally rich regions of Northern Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic with us? We are so excited to announce the following 3 itineraries which explore some of the most beautiful and compelling destinations the world has to offer, from impressive countries like Russia and Germany to picturesque places like Sweden and Belgium.

Tallinn, Estonia

You have probably never heard of Tallinn, Estonia, which you can explore on our Best of the Baltics itinerary. An ancient, heavily forested and fortified city once ruled by Russian tsars, its Medieval Old Town seems straight from a storybook. Estonia is bordered by Latvia and Russia, with a history entrenched in folklore and a musical heritage unlike anywhere on the planet.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Then there is free-thinking Copenhagen in Denmark which we visit on our Capitals of Scandinavia voyage. Experience the “green” life in one of the most environmentally friendly cities, whose residents also happen to enjoy among the highest standards of living. Visit Helsinki in Finland, seemingly composed of more water than land, a city that comes alive in the summer with festivities that continue through the evenings. Or wander the waterways and narrow canals of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and sun-kissed Lisbon in Portugal on our Treasures of Northern Europe sailing.

Winter Palace – St. Petersburg, Russia

Whichever of these itineraries you sail with us, be prepared to have an unforgettable experience. Be amazed by the unearthly White Nights of Scandinavian summers, where the sun stays in these northern skies throughout the evening, or the incredible Winter Palace in St. Petersburg which stands testament to the incredible power of Imperial Russia.

Which itinerary appeals to you most?


Capitals of Scandinavia

Experience the gentle beauty, intriguing culture and beguiling city life of thoroughly modern Scandinavia. Vibrant with urban energy and world-class art, Scandinavia’s capital cities sparkle with lively entertainment and fascinating shops.  Explore Oslo’s lush parks and bold architecture – palaces, canals and copper spires of Copenhagen—and the contrast of minimalist design and spice-colored buildings that is Stockholm. Seven-day sailings between Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden visit Stromstad, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark (overnight); Rugen, Germany; and Bornholm, Denmark depart July 27 and August 19, 2012.

Best of the Baltic

Witness the convergence of Baltic history, traditional culture and modern architecture, capped by an overnight in St. Petersburg. Wind Surf docks close to the center of each port—just steps away from the grand capitals and secluded hamlets. Explore the treasures of St. Petersburg’s magnificent Hermitage and the delights of its charming cafes. Four magical countries and six delightful cities—on one beautiful voyage through the enchanted shores of the Baltic Sea. Seven-day sailings roundtrip from Stockholm, Sweden visit Mariehamn, Sweden; St. Petersburg, Russia (overnight); Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; and Sandhamn, Sweden depart August 3 and 11, 2012.

Treasures of Northern Europe

Enjoy three luxurious sailing days, plus the best of Northern Europe and overnights in Oslo and Amsterdam. Sail along magnificent coastlines through sparkling northern waters. Explore Northern Europe’s legendary cities and stand in the presence of some of the world’s great art masterpieces. Add a sprinkle of dazzling diamonds and the world’s best beer and chocolate for an unforgettable yachting cruise to Northern Europe’s priceless treasures. Eleven-day sailings between Lisbon, Portugal and Oslo, Norway visit Le Havre, France; Dover, Great Britain; Antwerp, Belgium; and Amsterdam, Netherlands (overnight) depart July 16 and August 26, 2012.

From the glittering styles and vibrant harbors of Scandinavia’s capital cities, to the hidden coves and ancient mysteries of Northern Europe’s beautiful islands and quaint villages, discover the Baltics under full sail with two-for-one savings fares plus two free hotel nights.

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