5 Reasons To Cruise Solo

I started traveling solo many years ago mainly because I wanted to visit new places but could not get friends or family to come with me mostly because of scheduling conflicts or budget, so instead, I started traveling by myself.

Traveling with family, friends or groups can be a lot of fun plus the fact that it also usually means cost savings and depending on the destination, sometimes traveling in a group is the right thing to do for safety reasons. None the less, there can be times when traveling solo can be a fun and very worthwhile something to do.


One of those times that I decided to travel solo, I choose a Windstar transatlantic cruise from Lisbon to Barbados, and it turned out to be one of the best vacations I have ever had.

After recently having spent three months in Europe with a group of digital nomads (remote working group), it was time to come back to America. Turns out that during this time of the year, end of October, beginning of November, cruise lines reposition their ships from Europe to the Caribbean, so I finally had the chance to take that transatlantic cruise I had wanted to make but never had the opportunity to.

Here are 5 reasons why taking a solo cruise and or travel solo, can be the best thing you ever do for self:

Safety, it’s safe to cruise solo: you may be traveling alone, but you are in the company of fellow travelers and crew, this means there is someone always around if you need help and or company. I believe that a solo cruise is a perfect vacation for those weary travelers that are unsure if they could.

Time for yourself: when you are traveling solo, its finally “You” time, you and only you set your schedule, so go crazy sleeping in, eating all the delicious food on board all Windstar Ships, then decide if you want to work it off or not, no one is judging.  Take a wellness seminar or cooking class, get on a complementary paddle board while visiting a new port, go on a shore excursion or simply lay by the pool and read that book you have been procrastinating to read, just because of it all about “you.”


Rediscover yourself: if you are like most people, you probably work 40 + hours a week, have a family or pets to take care of and may or may not use all your vacation time every year. Traveling solo offers a unique opportunity, it’s all about “you” so take this time to remember what it is you like to do, what brings you joy, what invigorates you? And use this time to rediscover you.


You already have friends, but make new ones: whether you have a few friends or many, there is always time to make new connections. On a Windstar Cruise, you will have the luxury of traveling with less than 212 guests, be alone when you want, but also have company when you feel like it. However, you will discover rather fast that you will find yourself meeting people every day and new making friends every step of the way.

You will learn what is truly meaningful to you: traveling alone has an intrinsic benefit, and it is that it makes you really evaluate and appreciate what it’s significant and useful to you. You will learn what you like/don’t like, discover places you will want to revisit, possibly alone or with loved ones and lastly, you most likely will return home with more profound experience and eager to plan your next adventure.


There are many more reasons to travel solo; however, until you get out there and do it for yourself, you are missing out, so do yourself a favor and don’t wait anymore, discover what all the fuss is about, and you will soon learn why traveling solo is so highly addictive.


About The Author

Myriam was born in Colombia but has lived in the US most of her life. Her passions are travel and food. She is a 100% citizen of the world and solo traveler. She loves to travel so much, she has a travel blog that she uses to document her travels in hopes to inspire others to travel alone, or together. Myriam recently took her first solo transatlantic cruise on board Windstar Star Breeze, and it was one of the best travel experiences she has ever had. She can’t wait to cruise again with Windstar.

When You Go

NOW is time for solo travelers and odd number groups to escape the ordinary and get closer to the world aboard a small elegant ship. Traverse picturesque shorelines, stopping at beautiful, intimate ports with great options to take an enriching shore excursion, a private tour, or perhaps choose to spend the day relaxing on sunny teak decks while indulging in perfect, personalized service. Unwind in a luxurious stateroom that you’ll have all to yourself, revel in the freedom to choose experiences on your own terms and savor precious alone time — making your cruise precisely as private or social as you like. For a limited time, we are waiving and reducing single supplements on select 2018 cruises. See the significant savings on single supplements here. Act quickly! Call your travel professional or Windstar Cruises at 855-419-3877.

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3 years ago

Need to know how a person would do if walking a disability. Uses cane, etc

John Poulin
3 years ago

Cruising solo

2 years ago

I have been on 3 Windstar voyages and loved each one. The problem is that I went with my wife who passed away 4 years ago and I have a lot of hesitation in going on Windstar solo. My experience on the ships told me that the vast majority of Windstar passengers are couples and I very rarely met a solo traveler on a Windstar cruise. Perhaps that has changed, or perhaps not. I am also worried about rekindling old memories which will make me incredibly sad. We had an incredible 17 year marriage where I loved her more each… Read more »

Myriam A
Reply to  Paul
2 years ago

Paul, first let me start by saying, I am sorry for your loss. I can share my experience with you , at the time I took the Windstar Transatlantic cruise by my self, I was the youngest gust on board and I was 42 at the time and I was possibly the only single person on board, however, the ship had so many daily activities, that some days it was hard to choose what to do at a certain time. Traveling by my self allowed me to meet wonderful people everyday and share different experiences with different people, during different… Read more »

terry rusinow
2 years ago

Sounds great, but no mention of what the single supplements are or whether as a single, you’ll pay twice the single rate. This is a huge decision maker for me when I’m traveling, as there are many companies that have reasonable single fees and others where it’s just double.

Myriam A
Reply to  terry rusinow
2 years ago

Terry, it is true that most times traveling solo also means having to pay single supplements and in my case, I did pay that supplement. However, from time to time, companies will wave or offer a single supplement at a reduced price and Windstar does this as well. I will tell you that paying that single supplement was worth every penny in my case because I had the best experience I have ever had on a cruise. Hope you get to have your own unforgettable experience as well.

Ken Thompson
2 years ago

Can you tell me about Single Cruises and Vacations to Go. I just became single and want to take my first cruise. What do you recommend for a single? Where to go and with what cruise co. Hope to hear back from you soon.
My phone is 9188085369.

Carol Clarke
10 months ago

I have searched and searched on the internet and I can’t find what your single supplements are. How do I uncover this information?

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