75 Reasons to Travel off the Beaten Path in Europe

Enough with the herds of tourists trampling down the same old beaten path in Europe! It’s time to embrace the rich and vast cultural and historical heritage of Europe’s most beautiful nations by immersing yourself in authentic local experiences. We at Windstar are pleased to add an incredible variety of shore excursions in Europe this summer and fall, with dozens of new activities ranging from easy, to moderate, and strenuous.

In addition to the new experiences, we are making it even easier to decide which shore excursions to choose from with new activity level icons and descriptors on our website. The colorful icons include shore excursions’ activity levels, time, and appropriate descriptive categories (such as “Sightseeing” and “Wine” and “Biking”) in order to guide you to an experience that perfectly fits your personal interests.

europe cruise shore excursion iconsThere are more than 75 new shore excursions on Windstar Cruises new European itineraries in 2016, including Around Iceland, Treasures of the Greek Isles, and Treasures of Southern Spain & Morocco. Additional unique shore excursions also have been added to existing itineraries, such as a new experience in Delphi, Greece on the popular Venetian Passageways cruise, including a trip through the Greek countryside to the majestic Monastery of Ossios Loukas before stopping in the charming port town of Arachova, famous for its handmade woolen carpets.

Here are just a few reasons to try something different and unique on your next Windstar Cruise.

Taste real local food (not local food adapted to the global palate)

One of the greatest challenges of traveling abroad is finding the best places to eat with the freshest, local ingredients. Getting out of crowded cities will not only expose you to the cuisine eaten by the everyday man, it will also increase restaurants’ access to the freshest and best ingredients simply because they are grown or harvested close by. Windstar Cruises’ Grundarfjordur: Viking Sushi Adventure Boat Tour excursion on the Around Iceland itinerary combines world class bird watching and diverse seafood hauled straight from the waters on deck where they are prepared in the local style and eaten immediately.

Grundarfjordur in icelandEnjoy the natural surroundings

Trapped in the cobble stones and concrete of modern cities, many travelers are deprived of the breathtaking nature that many destinations have to offer. Climbing into a lofty Jeep and exploring hidden beaches, roving through virtually untouched landscapes, and discovering incredible views, guests on the Treasures of Southern Spain & Morocco sailings can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Ibiza on the Discover Mysterious Ibiza by Jeep tour.

Get to know the people and their past

Away from the hustle and bustle of many cities, the interactions you have with local people are more about building relationships than they are sterile transactions. Developing an understanding of and appreciation for a people’s past enables you to forge friendships based on mutual interest. On Windstar Cruises Ancient Nemea & Palivos Winery excursion, guests tour of an ancient temple in Nemea followed by a tour of the small, family-owned and operated Palivos Winery. This excursion occurs on Venetian Passageways and Treasures of the Greek Isles sailings and allows guests to explore the region’s history while connecting them to traditions that remain important today.

european cruise wine tour

Get a different perspective

Often getting a new perspective on a country requires some unconventional methods. The Stockholm Helicopter Tour on the Baltic Delights and Scandinavian Tapestry cruises allow guests an opportunity to marvel one of Europe’s most stunning cities from a vantage point second to none.

The new Europe shore excursions are all in addition to Windstar Cruises complimentary Destination Discovery Events, of which 11 are new in Europe in 2016. See you out there!

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