A Windstar Magical Moment, A Tradition, Each Sailing

The last sail away, the party on the greatest yacht…

Music was playing at the pool bar as guests gathered on the pool deck. We had more than 80 guests on the deck ready for their last night onboard the yacht. Melancholic for time gone by so fast, a bit sad to see it end. Happy for the excellent holiday they just had. But none of the guests were prepared for what was about to happen…

As guests were chatting away, suddenly all lights around the pool bar went out. Some heads turned, some looked up, a few questioned what just happened but soon they all turned back their attention to their companions and the conversations they were involved in.

It was only moments later when also the railing lights suddenly went out, followed by the lights on the masts. There were guests going quiet and staring at the masts, there were guests just going on talking oblivious of what was going on around them. However when also the music stopped playing, the crowd grew quieter and quieter. An excitement was building up. Something was about to happen. Some guests looked around a bit worried whilst others just stood there gazing at the masts. The yacht started moving…

When finally also the dress lights went out and complete darkness fell on the aft deck, it got really, really quiet on the deck. The anticipation of something magical about to happen was incredible. You just could feel it all around you. It almost felt that nobody dared to speak…

Softly the sail away music started filling the silent air… and right when the drums blasted through the speakers the light on the last mast went on and the sail was opening.

Everywhere you looked you saw guests – and crew – with tears in their eyes… nobody spoke.

Windstar Cruise Ship Lights On at Night

When the light of mast three went on and also this sail started to open, people started looking at each other, still not speaking. Not able to speak, not able to describe what was unfolding. Just a look that said it all. Just a look that only they could understand. A look that said more than the opening of a sail.

I don’t think it is possible to exactly describe the kind of energy that was surrounding the pool bar. Was it a crowd standing in awe for the impressiveness of the sails, was it a group of people reflecting on an excellent holiday? Maybe it were individuals realizing how lucky they are in life that they can be part of this unique moment. Maybe it were couples in love reuniting in this bond of Magic. Was it yin and yang, a perfect balance of serenity? The over stimulation of all senses at the same time: seeing the grandeur of the sails, hearing the intensity of the music, feeling the wind on your skin, smelling the calm of the ocean, tasting the salt on your lips… Maybe it was a magical spell that engulfed all that were there? One thing is sure: there were 80 emotions for 80 guests. 80 emotions that bonded and finally exploded in a cheer of happiness. A spontaneous dancing. A spontaneous laughing. The need of expressing an extreme state of happiness.

At 1:45 AM the last guests left the pool bar. Happy. Satisfied. Filled with dreams and desires to do this all over again.

A true Magical Moment…

Geert De Meyer – Director of Guest Experience

Geert De Meyer – Director of Guest Experience

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Sue Somers
2 months ago

Everyone loves the 1492 music! Don’t change it or mess with it!

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