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How does the Mediterranean look different from the deck of a Windstar sailing yacht? It’s more accessible, closer and more magical than you ever imagined. We don’t just take you to Italy, we introduce you to places like Ischia, a small volcanic island in the Tyrrhenian Sea; and Portovenere with its stunning villages and medieval castles on the Gulf of Poets. We take great pride in providing you with an incredibly unique, unforgettable experience. Our Mediterranean voyages received Island Magazine’s top pick for “All-Time Best Cruises,” a great honor for us, and proof that we’re really onto something here. Thank you all for your continued loyalty, and for those of you who have yet to travel to the Mediterranean with us, we welcome you to explore this incredible region – Windstar style.

“I never fancied myself a cruise lover. That aversion started to change the night the Windstar left Ischia Island near Naples. The boat’s sails unfurled overhead. The setting sun cast its last light on the imposing façade of Castello Aragonese. I felt the bow turn into the oncoming seas. This was genuine nighttime sailing. At that moment I became hooked on cruising.” – Jon Whittle, Islands Magazine

Have you traveled to the Mediterranean with us? Tell us your favorite memories in the comment below!

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10 years ago

I have so many wonderful memories from previous Windstar Mediterranean cruises.I’ll never forget the thrill of seeing Venice for the first time from the deck of Windsurf,or leaving the crowds behind to wander up to the ruins of Emperor Nero’s villa on Capri.Oh,the glory of Ravello and spotting the ship anchored offshore as we made our way down the pathways and steps to Amalfi.I could go on and on.
Next July we’ll be back with Windstar on the Athens to Rome cruise.I shall be spending my birthday in Taormina,another wonderful place.

Reply to  West
10 years ago

Thank you so much for your kind comments – we hope to see you with us soon! Visit us on and to share your stories with our wonderful community!

Ross Stone
9 years ago

Departing down the Grand Canal in Venice as dark storm clouds rolled and Windstar’s sailing signature “Visions of Paradise” music echoed across the decks seemingly in crescendo with the gathering storm.

All this with the anticipation of the voyage ahead and St Marks Square and maginficent venetian archirecture slipping by as we watched from the open rear deck.

A vision and moment that will remain with me forever !


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