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An Overview of Fire Dancing

Dance has long been a way for cultures to express themselves and tell stories about what they value. Depending on context and location, dancing can signify loss and mourning, joy, celebration, sensuality, religious worship or even war. Many cultures use it to honor their past and teach children and visitors about their heritage. Fire dancing …

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Sketch of new Windstar submarine - Star Fish


DIVE INTO VACATION DELIGHT ABOARD STAR FISH, WINDSTAR’S NEW SUBMARINE Go deep on distinct travel experiences beyond conventional cruise lines, slipping beneath the waves to flawlessly smooth cruise conditions, gliding beneath storm fronts and resurfacing at sunny, uncrowded ports days before rerouted cruise liners return to itineraries. With a range down to 950 feet, Star …


5 romantic getaway cruises

5 Romantic Getaway Cruises

Are you dreaming of escaping it all with your significant other? A cruise to a romantic destination is the ideal getaway for couples who want to reconnect and rekindle their passion. During a cruise, you and your partner can completely relax and live in the moment together. You’ll effortlessly visit some of the most scenic …

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The new library, Alexandria, Egypt.

Alexandria’s Ancient Arcana

the library then In its time, Alexandria’s library was the largest and most prestigious in the ancient world, a collaborative hivemind for brilliant individuals, and an invaluable resource for leaders seeking insights on how to rule or negotiate with neighboring nations. It was also a symbol of Egypt’s wealth and influence, because having a repository …

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Ruins of Knossos Palace at Crete

minos: legends & realities

The Greek myth of the maze and the minotaur is an epic of oral and written traditions. The rite-of-passage tale opens with King Minos of Crete betraying Poseidon by keeping a sacrificial bull as a pet, and his wife later giving birth to a violent minotaur, which Minos concealed in an elaborate labyrinth. Each year …

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Coquilles Saint-Jacques on a beach

Provençale Scallops

Did you ever wonder why scallop shells are iconic throughout European history, topping classical arches and doorways, marking pilgrim paths and even conveying a Greek goddess in Sandro Botticelli’s beloved Birth of Venus Renaissance masterpiece? This beloved bivalve is unique in abilities and flavor, because unlike immobile clams, oysters and mussels, sea scallops glide across …

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Rolling green hillsides and buildings of Tuscany

Tuscan Enigmatic Vines & Wines

Why does Sangiovese grow best in Tuscany? Italy cultivates more than 370 wine grape varieties over 1.7 million vineyard acres, but Sangiovese, a difficult and fickle grape, seems to almost exclusively thrive amid romantic vineyards just a sling’s throw from Michelangelo’s David. Central Italy epitomizes the Mediterranean climate and that is an important factor in …

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A Guide to Cozumel Cruise Port

Cozumel is an island paradise steeped in Mayan, Mexican and Caribbean culture. It’s widely loved for its pristine coral reefs and sparkling blue waters. It’s an exciting combination of everything that makes Cozumel so special — rich history, archaeological sites, modern resort amenities and a culmination of travelers and locals who share a love for …

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