Birthday Group Celebration On A Luxury Cruise to Tahiti

When my husband asked what I wanted to do for my 40th birthday, I knew I wanted it to be special but with a birthday the week before Christmas, planning a celebration that isn’t dominated by the holidays has always been impossible. In fact, I’ve never had a birthday party primarily for this reason. Still, I decided that this year I’d really celebrate the life I’ve been given. I was determined to spend my 40th doing something I love, traveling, then discovered a bucket list itinerary sailing Tahiti the week of my birthday. It was perfect, and we booked it!  Excited to be celebrating my 40th in what would mark my 50th country traveled, French Polynesia, I shared the news of my upcoming birthday plans with some of my travel loving friends. To my surprise and delight, they decided to join me on what became the trip of a lifetime.Cruise_Tahiti_luxury_ship

What started as a bucket list destination birthday celebration for two quickly became a group of twenty and then it was party planning time.  After months of dreaming, preparing and even a little stressing over the details of this celebration, the Timeless in Tahiti birthday squad finally boarded Wind Spirit with me in Papeete, French Polynesia.

When I originally booked this trip, I never imagined that twenty guests would be joining me. Having sailed with Windstar Cruises in the past, I love the intimate private yacht feel and the personalized service, but I wondered how this small ship would be able to handle a large party and my very specific celebration requests. Group_Cruise_Vacation_Tahiti

Before even boarding the yacht I met Frank, the Wind Spirit General Manager. He automatically knew who I was, greeted my husband and me with excitement, helped with check-in then directed me to Guest Services Manager, Natalia. Armed with meticulous notes about my requests, she immediately made me feel comfortable about all of my plans. From that moment forward the crew executed every detail of my birthday celebration cruise beyond my expectations. Group_Birthday_Cruise

Without a care in the world I spent my days exploring beautiful beaches, colorful coral, black pearl farms and sweet vanilla plantations knowing perfectly planned evenings of incredible dining, laughter, and fun would we be waiting back onboard. I relaxed in the comfort of knowing my guests and all my wishes would be taken care of. I completely let go of everything and got into the moment.

I had the time of my life. I can’t stop thinking about this incredible experience in Tahiti with the Wind Spirit. I knew I wanted a special 40th birthday celebration and Windstar made it exceptional.This was a destination celebration that none of us will ever forget.    Tahiti_birthday_cruise_luxury

About The Author

Shuneca is a lover of style, adventure and learning through travel. Having explored over 45 countries, 6 continents and hundreds of cities her passion for travel led her to share her expertise to help others see the world; in all of its beauty. Shuneca advises clients using years of personal traveler experience and research to create vacation magic at Diva Days Travel.

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Dr. Khalilah Johnson
3 years ago

We love Shuneca and sailing with Windstar! French Polynesia was the perfect backdrop for a fabulous birthday celebration!

3 years ago

Love love love it!!!! May God continue to Bless you in your travels 😉 Keep sharing these beautiful experiences.

Ludwick Hiers
2 years ago

Congratulations on your 40th! I also wanted to check off the number one thing on my bucket list and I did that with my lovely wife to celebrate my 70th birthday on WInd Spirit out of Papeete for a seven day cruise that was the trip of a lifetime! Everything was so wonderful and so special and exceeded our expectations. We are already trying to decide where we will go with Windstar again.

Mary Anne Fasching
1 year ago

We loved our 22 day Windsurf cruise from Lisbon to St. Martin! Would do it all over again. Also would love a Tahiti, French Polynesia on Windsurf. Only on Windsurf!

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