5 romantic getaway cruises

5 Romantic Getaway Cruises

Are you dreaming of escaping it all with your significant other? A cruise to a romantic destination is the ideal getaway for couples who want to reconnect and rekindle their passion. During a cruise, you and your partner can completely relax and live in the moment together. You’ll effortlessly visit some of the most scenic …

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Landscape of Tahiti with mountains and village close to the port of Papeete, French Polynesia. Cruise and honeymoon destination.

what to see in papeete

Thanks to its supply of fresh water, Papeete has long been a gathering place – the name means “water basket.” Today it’s the main population center of the Polynesian islands. The bustling city meets the sea on a long, walkable waterfront. Peruse the lively Marche de Papeete, where local venders sell food and handicrafts, and …

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what to see in moorea

Moorea is not as well-known to travelers as Bora Bora, but the lush green scenery topped by spectacular volcanic peaks is no less stunning. Your ship will enter the blue waters of a bay that was once the crater of a volcano. Exploring the island, you’ll find waterfalls, fruit tree-filled valleys, and colorful houses in …

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what to see in tahaa

You may feel like you and the one you love are having a private “Gilligan’s Island” experience when you explore the deserted soft white sands of this private islet, dotted with swaying palms. Take a dip in the crystal-clear water, go snorkeling and enjoy kayaking and other watersports activities. Or sit back and just enjoy …

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Bora Bora

what to see in Bora Bora

Approaching this legendary island’s darkly mysterious volcanic peaks feels like one of those good-to-be-alive movements. There’s something almost sacred about the sight. Once on shore, the swaying palms, white-sand beaches and sea in various shades of turquoise are so seductive they’re nearly hypnotic. Romance is quite literally in the air. Get in the water to …

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