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Group Travel Organizer

Group Travel Organizer

A cruise is a great way to travel and celebrate with your friends, family members or co-workers. When you book a cruise for a group of people, you get special discounts and various amenities to make your stay even more fun and convenient. Working with a group travel planner allows you to get what you want while saving time and money. Learn more about why you should use a travel advisor to help you plan future group trips.

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Types of Group Travel We Can Help Plan

There are many reasons to travel as a group, whether you’re part of a club or want to provide a business incentive for your work team. You can go anywhere in the world with people who have the same hobbies, interests or goals. Windstar offers group travel packages for the following organizations, groups or occasions:

  • University and alumni groups
  • Family and friend reunions
  • Company meetings, sales meetings and conferences
  • Health and fitness trainers
  • Religious affiliations and church groups
  • Gardening clubs
  • Book clubs
  • Schools
  • Women-only travel
  • College or professional sports
  • Senior clubs
  • Destination weddings
  • Singles groups
  • Couples groups
  • Food and wine tours
  • Golf or tennis groups
  • Rowing, cycling or running clubs
  • Music lovers
  • Historical societies or interest groups
  • Museum or art gallery members
  • Architecture interest groups
  • Zoo members or animal lovers
  • Fishing interest groups
  • Horticultural or gardener clubs
  • Scuba divers
Benefits of Using a Group Cruise Organizer

Benefits of Using a Group Cruise Organizer

If you’re trying to decide whether you should use a vacation planner or plan a group trip yourself, consider the following reasons how a travel advisor can help you navigate the details of your trip:

  • Take advantage of discounts and group rates: Even though travel advisors may cost you money, they’ll end up saving you more than you spend. These professionals have access to exclusive deals you can only get when you work with them. They’ll also let you know about current vacation promotions and group rates, along with the best time to book to help you save money.
  • Keep everyone on the same page: A group travel organizer’s job is to handle all the details so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. They’ll relay updates about your trip so you can pass the info to other members of your group. Some cruise companies even have a portal that everyone can access to make payments and keep track of information.
  • Easily plan out all the details: A travel advisor pools all their resources together and hands it to you as one comprehensive list. They research and suggest destinations for you and handle everything you need for your trip, from arranging travel to booking excursions. You’ll enjoy your vacation and relax when you know someone else is taking care of all the details.
  • Get expert advice about destinations and activities: A travel advisor is a travel expert, especially if you work with a professional from the cruise line. Their job involves staying up to date about the weather conditions and travel advisories of your cruise destination. Any time they find out new information, they’ll let you know so you can be prepared.
  • Talk to an actual person to find what you need: When you work with a travel advisor, you work with a live person, not an automatic message on the phone or a search engine on the internet. Even though you can find helpful information while searching online, talking to an actual person will help you navigate it all to plan the perfect group trip.

How Windstar Can Help You Plan a Group Vacation

Windstar has on-site travel advisors to help you navigate all the details to make your trip a success. Since we have small, intimate ships available, we provide an experience unlike any other vacation company. Consider these benefits that separate Windstar from the rest when it comes to booking a charter cruise:

  • VIP service: Since your group will be among the only people on the ship, you’ll have the full attention of our staff. We have a ratio of one crew member for every 1.5 guests, so everyone in your group will almost have one-on-one care. We’ll treat your whole group like VIPs from the moment you board the ship until we bid you farewell. We’ll cater to your every need and offer you packages that accommodate your group’s desires.
  • Customizable packages: At Windstar, you can create a package for your team that’s just as unique as you. Create a menu for your group that everyone will love. Choose the amenities you need or select our all-inclusive cruise package to get access to all we have to offer.
  • Memorable experiences: With such attention to detail and intimate ships, we can access places that most larger ships can’t. Book excursions in untouched islands and explore the world with new eyes as you make experiences with your friends, family or co-workers.

FAQs About Planning Cruise Group Vacations

If you’re planning a group cruise, you may have some questions about where to start or specific questions that cater to your group. Explore these FAQs to find out what you need for your cruise.

What Is Included With Each Group Booking?

From the moment you reach out to our vacation planners until you disembark from the ship after your vacation, we’ll treat you with the utmost respect and care. We welcome your guests with a special champagne reception, cocktail party and a Sail Away as we leave every port. Check out our all-inclusive package to get all the amenities you need for your group, including unlimited Wi-Fi, laundry services, beverages and stateroom amenities.

How Many People Can We Invite on the Cruise?

Depending on the type of event, you can either book a full-ship charter with 148 to 342 guests or a partial-ship charter with 20 to 140 guests. Each ship has different capacities and amenities available for you and your group to enjoy. Browse through the information about each of our cruise ships to find the best one for your travel plans.

What Dining Options Are Available During Our Trip?

At Windstar, you can make a dining menu as unique as your fingerprint. Survey the people in your group for any food allergies or medical conditions they may have, and we’ll make sure everyone has food they can enjoy. In addition to our onboard dining at casual and elegant restaurants, we also provide culinary excursions at each destination that allow you and your group to sample food from all over the world.

Trust Windstar to Help Plan Your Next Group Trip

Trust Windstar to Help Plan Your Next Group Trip

The travel advisors at Windstar are here to help make your group travel experience convenient, personal and relaxing. If you’re ready to book your cruise trip for a corporate event, private party or interest group get-together, contact Windstar with questions or for more information.

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