Healthy Cruising

Healthy Cruising

Healthy Cruising: it may sound like an oxymoron. For many, cruising strongly evokes images of hedonistic buffets, multi-course meals laden with fat and butter, and promises of lying sedentary in the sun for days or weeks on end.

Those who have been aboard Windstar know there’s more to the story, and being healthy on a cruise is not as hard as some might think.
Yes, we can all indulge in chef’s delicious creations (maybe even adding an extra course or two – it’s vacation!), but there are so many ways to stay active, eat well, and enjoy cruising without regretting that “souvenir” of an extra 10,000 calories.A_dinner_001

Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay healthy on board:
1. Make Good Choices – Yes, mom tells us to do the same, but it’s good advice! Windstar makes sure to offer healthy choices during all meal times (be they vegetarian entrees, sugar-free desserts, an array of fruits and vegetables, or low-calorie options), also going above and beyond to meet guest dietary restrictions. Gluten-free? Mention it to the culinary team while on board, and they will work with you to find the best options. One cruiser tells a story of asking the culinary team to “just bring her fruit” every night after dinner for dessert. Each night she was treated to an imaginative presentation of seasonal (and local where possible) fruit with a variety of healthy toppings.

2. Stay Active in Port – Take advantage of Windstar’s plethora of shore excursion offerings, choosing more active options where possible. Activities are always labeled as easy, moderate, or strenuous. A few of our favorite active outings include a fantastic hike on Moorea’s Three Coconut Trail on the “Dreams of Tahiti Voyage”; biking and kayaking on Elba Island when in Portoferraio, Italy; or (of course) snorkeling in the Caribbean. Feel like doing something on your own? Take one of Windstar’s G_O_Watersports Platform_005_ccbikes for a spin for as long or as little as you like (inquire with the staff regarding when bikes may be used in port and availability).

3. Stay Active on Board – Be sure to read your daily program while on board, which will highlight any fitness activities such as yoga or other exercise classes. On most sailings, at least one complimentary exercise or yoga class is available on the “Flying Bridge” of the vessel in the mornings, and other times they may be offered in tropical locations on the beach (for example, on the Dreams of Tahiti itinerary, a complimentary yoga class is given on the beach on a private island near Taha’a). Also, don’t forget Windstar’s Water Sports Platform, with complimentary use of stand-up paddle boards, kayaks, flotation devices, snorkel equipment, and even water skiing for the true adventurers.
4. Take Care of Yourself – Listen to your body, and take a rest when you need to. Also, a doctor and limited medical facilities are available on board, should you need assistance. And remember, this is your vacation… your own experience. Exercise your choice to indulge whenever you like.Yoga on the Beach - Island Experience in Pricky Pear Beach

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Jeffrey Miller
5 years ago

In late January I had the pleasure of being on the Wind Star for a cruise from Barbados to St. Lucia and the Grenadines. I am on a strict heart healthy diet, which seemed like it could be a tough situation on a cruise ship. The crew was incredibly accommodating. Egg White omelets in the morning where a great start, as well as options of yoghurt and granola. Yes the cheeses were tempting as were the croissants, but those will be out of bounds for me for a while. At lunch there was always a simple fish or chicken option… Read more »

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