James Beard Foundation Culinary Cruise Review

Windstar Cruises’ affiliation with the James Beard Foundation provided us with much more than we expected as we cruised the western Mediterranean islands on the beautiful Star Pride cruise ship recently. Windstar has always provided exceptional food quality and wonderful menus, but this culinary cruise was really special!

Chef Amy Brandwein a 2017 James Beard Foundation Award finalist for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic region, and owner of Centrolina, a combined seasonal Italian restaurant, and market in Washington, DC, was aboard as a guest chef for the entire cruise.

Amy did a cooking demonstration for all aboard and cooked some of her specialties one evening for all guests in Amphora.

We joined her and Windstar Cruises’ Chef Budhi Thakur for a trip to the market in Sardinia where they purchased fruits, cheeses, fish and more to serve aboard the ship.

The islands we visited were beautiful. Palma de Mallorca, Sardinia, Corsica, Portovenere and Elba, and this was a cruise I would do again. But clearly, the highlight of this trip was the fabulous food we were treated to by Chef Amy and the culinary crew of Star Pride.

This was all about food, whether aboard our cruise ship in Amphora, Candles or The Veranda or on land sampling some local delicacies.

Written by Windstar Cruises Guest Donna Watson

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