Wind Surf: Bodrum & Wind Spirit: Amsterdam

Arriving into a new port for the first time is an exhilarating experience. It is a thrill for our guests, a thrill for those on land watching our sailing yachts approach, and a thrill for the crew. The maiden call is made even more memorable by undergoing an inaugural ceremony, where the Port Authority welcomes our captain and crew, and all our guests, with open arms – offering both a plaque to recognize the port. We proudly display our plaques on our ships, symbolizing these ports– from the winding canals of Venice, the tropical paradise of Tahiti and now for Wind Surf, the ancient wonders of Bodrum, Turkey and for Wind Spirit the festive streets of Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Have you experienced a maiden call with Windstar, if so, where were you and what was the experience like?



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Jackie B.
10 years ago

It has been exhilirating to have marching bands at almost all of our Baltic ports!  Truly an honor to be in all these ports of call.  We have been made to feel especially welcome.  In Goteborg Sweden on our way up the band braved wind and rain and withstood harsh elements to stand there and continue playing while dancing girls continued their routines!  All in a downpour!

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