Mediterranean – the stuff that dreams are made of

It happens all the time.  We try to recapture a treasured memory, relive a perfect moment, make a dream come true – only to find that the image we’ve cherished evaporates before our eyes.  The idyllic field in which we romped is now a strip mall.  The pristine beach on which we basked is now blocked by high rises.  The charming village we imagined turns out to be lined with souvenir shops.

It happens.  But not always. Windstar’s Classic Mediterranean voyage was designed for the express purpose of proving to you that dreams really can come true.

Monemvasia, Greece

The Mediterranean experience that built the dream is waiting for you in each charming port on this itinerary.  In Monemvasia, for example, you can step through the gate of the old city and back into a life that has not changed in hundreds of years.  The white-washed houses still cling to the hillsides.  The cobbled streets still meander through narrow alleyways.  The view still takes your breath away, just as it’s done since the first settlers gazed out on it in awe.  Capri’s Blue Grotto still stuns you with crystalline waters that seem to be lit from below.  The ancient site of Taormina is just as enchanting today as it was when Roman sandals trod its paths.

This is how you find the true heart of the Mediterranean at its classic best.  You step off the beaten path and away from the crowds.  You seek out-of-the-way places only a small yacht can reach.  Hidden coves where hoards of tourists can’t follow.  Beautiful villages where the people, the culture, and the lifestyles are still real, still authentic.

In designing our Classic Mediterranean voyage, we strung the Mediterranean’s treasures together like pearls.  It’s one of our personal favorites.  In fact, we think it’s the best, truest, most complete Mediterranean experience you can find.  Check it out and tell us what you think.

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