New Itineraries: Hidden Treasures of the Ionian

We have sailed all over the world with you over the years, from the sultry islands of Tahiti to the majestic mosques of Istanbul. And now we are about to embark on a new adventure. We are thrilled to offer a new collection of 7-day itineraries on Wind Star for Fall 2011—Hidden Treasures of the Ionian.

Saturated with history and culture, these itineraries will take us to UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient Greek civilizations, charming coastal villages and breathtaking islands. On these sailings your luxury yacht visits: Gythion and Cephalonia, Greece; Saranda, Albania; Siracusa and Porto Empedocle, Italy.

You can find the full itineraries by visiting:
Athens to Malta
Malta to Athens

As many of our loyal passengers know, we had previously planned several wonderful voyages to the Holy Lands in fall 2011. Having our guests’ safety and security at the top of our minds, we decided against sailing to this historically rich but currently precarious region. The good news is we are accelerating the launch of these two new itineraries which are a part of the centerpiece of Windstar’s 2012 product offering. We look forward to taking you to discover the Hidden Treasures of the Ionian this year.

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