Scandinavian Tapestry – A Last Minute Decision…. Another Winner For Us With Windstar Cruises

by Donna and Michael Watson

We generally plan our Windstar voyages in advance. But this time we took advantage of a last minute opportunity….a northern European voyage leaving from Stockholm. We traveled alone this time, but we were not alone for long, meeting staff and crew from past trips, who as usual, greeted us warmly with a “welcome home” and we settled right in. They are always smiling and attentive and make our trips so special. We were celebrating a special anniversary, and immediately made friends with another couple who were married just a few weeks after us.


This was our 16th voyage with Windstar, and an itinerary we were really excited about. We had 2 days with an overnight in Stockholm, so we were able to visit the Old Town (Gamla Stan), the Royal Palace, the Vasa museum, and the very interesting and elaborate City Hall.


Leaving Stockholm, we traveled through the archipelago, enjoying the scenery from the large outside space on our sailing ship. Beautiful!


Our first stop was the charming German seaside village of Warnemunde. We walked through the streets and enjoyed the views of the beaches.


In Copenhagen, after seeing the Little Mermaid, Windstar provided a special event, beginning with a canal cruise and followed by a party at the National Museum where we were treated to some native dishes and beverages.



On board, we had a guest lecturer who enlightened us about the history of the northern European countries we visited, making the trip educational as well.

Needless to say, we enjoyed fabulous food at Amphora, Stella Bistro, Candles, and of course, the deck barbeque (we never tire of this, no matter how many times we are on the Windstar ships.)


Oslo was a favorite stop where we toured the sculpture park of Gustav Vigeland and the Viking ship museum. We were docked near the famous Oslo Opera House, and we watched as thousands of people streamed in to this outdoor wonder.



Our other Norway stop was Kristiansand, and we strolled across bridges and enjoyed the special architecture of the village homes.


Crossing the North Sea, this trip ended in Dundee, Scotland….not far from Edinburgh.  We extended our stay and enjoyed an extra day in Edinburgh where the Military Tattoo Event was taking place at Edinburgh Castle. We could hear the music, and see the fireworks from our hotel room. What a treat!


Looking over our many pictures of this trip, we both agreed that this trip was one of our favorites, and we just might do it again! Looking forward to the winter months, we are already booked on back to back trips on the Wind Surf in the Caribbean. Can’t wait!


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