Scuba & Snorkeling In Tahiti

The romance of discovery under the sea

Whether you’ve crossed sea cave dives off your bucket list or don’t know a frog kick from a freedive, Windstar SCUBA brings the romance and excitement of underwater exploration to beginners and advanced divers in unique and unexpected ways on the 7-day Dreams of Tahiti cruise, Papeete to Papeete.

The itinerary includes a graceful sail exploring the wonders of Tahiti where trade winds take you to one legendary island after another on Wind Spirit, with exotic ports of call––Papeete, Moorea, Raiatea (overnight), Motu Mahaea (Tahaa), Bora Bora (overnight), and Huahine.

Imagine yourself discovering a weightless underwater world in the warm, azure waters of French Polynesia swimming through her mysteries. Where water temperatures range from 79 to 84ºF with breathtaking visibility of up to 150 feet. Enjoy where the currents take you––floating among manta rays in a garden of rainbow-colored coral in Anau, swimming with sharks at Tapu, or surrounded by a multitude of tropical fish on the sandbank at Toopua. Spot a sea fan here and a turtle there as you snap the most fantastic Instagrammable selfies. The journey all begins with the scuba program right for you.

Bora Bora, Raiatea, Moorea and Rangiroa Diving Programs:

Discover SCUBA dives are open for novice divers

Scuba & snorkeling in Tahiti

Our Discover SCUBA program is designed for guests with no diving certification. This two hour program provides lots of personal attention so you quickly feel confident in the open water.

1- and 2-tank dives for Certified Divers

Tailor made for those Certified Divers who want a half day of adventure this excursion lasts for around four hours. The typical time underwater for the 2-tank dive includes 45 minutes for the first dive, with a long surface interval, followed by a second dive of approximately 45 minutes. For guests only interested in a 1-tank dive, the option to snorkel or swim for the second dive is available. Proof of Certification and Log Book required for Certified Divers, which includes PADI-CMAS Cards or other proof of Certification. 

Sites include (weather depending):

Bora Bora

things to do in bora bora

Tapu: An ocean dive and one of the most famous dive sites of Bora Bora. From the coral drop-off, you meet lemon sharks, black tip sharks, humphead maori wrasses, moray eels and turtles.

Toopua: A lagoon dive where many tropical fish gather along the wall, among others, anemones and clown fish. At the bottom, you find a large sandbank where eagle rays and stingrays wander searching for food. We anchor or drift dive depending upon weather conditions.

Anau: a lagoon dive in which you will follow a slope where rose corals grow and perhaps discover manta rays.


Teavapiti Pass: A drift dive, you will be able to observe white tip lagoon sharks, black tip grey sharks, schools of jacks fish, barracudas, napoleons and sometimes tuna fish where depths reach 90 feet.


 snorkeling in Tahiti

The Anemones: An ocean dive where you’ll be visiting Nemo’s cousin’s home! This is a shallow and easy dive. You will see black tip sharks, our friend Janine––a sweet, friendly turtle, octopi and many tropical fish.

The Aquarium: (for Discover SCUBA only) An ideal first dive in a lagoon filled with tropical fish––shallow and easy.

Shark’s Dining Room: An ocean dive in a spectacular spot for watching the big 5-10 foot lemon sharks that come home to feed here. Don’t worry, you won’t be the main course!

The Opunohu Canyons: Keeping to the bottom of the small canyon, you will see plenty of small marine fauna, black tip sharks, and huge lemon sharks. At the end of the dive, you’ll drift by clown fish swimming among beautiful anemones.


The largest atoll in the Southern Hemisphere, Rangiroa is a diver’s paradise, renowned for the abundance of radiant fish, rays, turtles, sharks, dolphins and reef life. Year-round variety includes November’s hammerhead sharks and finds most Septembers with manta rays as delightful diving companions.

Guided snorkeling options are available in Bora Bora, Raiatea, Moorea, Rangiroa, Fakarava, Huahine, and Tahaa.

Cruising and diving on our small-ship yachts takes the headache out of the typical hectic cruise diving experience with seamless docking and departing, so there’s no need for lots of extra planning before your cruise. We look forward to helping you plan your first or fiftieth marvelous underwater adventure––the perfect way to celebrate a honeymoon, wedding, retirement or cherished milestone.

A few important notes:

Fins: (5 ½ US women) and shorty tanks (12 liters steel in Bora Bora and 12 liters aluminum tank in Moorea / Rangiroa) are available for smaller guests in all our dive centers.

Diving off the Watersports Platform is not permitted.

If you chose to bring your equipment, you are responsible for the transport and storage. REMEMBER, Cabin storage is more limited on Wind Spirit than our other ships.

Wear your swimsuit underneath your clothing and bring a towel.

Waiver release form must be signed and medical conditions must be disclosed.

Ready to have the experience of your life in Tahiti? Get in touch with one of our vacation planners today and find the right cruise to Tahiti for you!

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