Star Breeze stretch and renovation project update

On June 3rd Star Breeze floated out and transferred to wet dock for the completion of her stretch project adding 50 suites, two new restaurants, a larger pool and deck, World Spa by Windstar and other expanded public areas. Further work is required on the upper decks plus outfitting for suites and public areas. With her new lengthened profile she looks sleek and impressive.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted completion timelines for the Star Plus Class ship renovations, nothing has been cut from the scope of work and the original plans are on track once again. Due to the shutdown of the Fincantieri shipyard in Italy, there was a pause in work on the Star Breeze in spring. Now back in full work mode with hundreds of workers on board each day, the ship is expected to be completed in late October 2020 and begin cruising in the Mediterranean soon after.

In addition to the original scope of work included in the $250 million Star Plus Initiative, Windstar has recently announced an additional investment in its fleet to add HEPA filters with UV-C lights into each ship’s HVAC system. The new filters and lights are the culmination of months of research to ensure the best of science and technology are installed on the ships to provide a safer environment on board. For more information on the new Beyond Ordinary Care program, a multi-tiered system including these new components, visit the Health and Safety page. This work will be done in the shipyard prior to delivery for the Star Class ships.

Work has already begun aboard Star Legend and her completion date is late January 2021; she will begin cruising in the Mediterranean in March. Star Pride will be completed in June 2021 and begin sailing in Northern Europe in July.

Let’s take a look at some current pictures of Star Breeze in Fincantieri’s Palermo, Italy shipyard.  


Star Breeze with new middle section inserted. Work is so seamless we can’t even spot the new section. So here’s a hint.


Building the new Star Grill by Steven Raichlen – serving grilled meats, seafood and vegetables with a modern twist. Outdoor dining will be open for lunch and dinner here.

What will it eventually look like?


Here’s a rendering of the completed Star Grill by Steven Raichlen restaurant although tables will be spaced further apart for social distancing while dining alfresco.


Stern view of the Breeze in wet dock at Fincantieri. Work is being done on the Marina door, Compass Rose
windows and funnels.


Bathrooms are being totally remodeled on the Star Plus Class ships. This is an updated bathroom on Star Breeze.


A spa relaxation room is starting to take shape in the new World Spa by Windstar.


Looking from deck 8 onto deck 7 and the new pool and hot tub – more space for lounging around the pool and sunbathing.

 What will the new, expanded pool deck look like when completed?


Rendering of the expanded pool deck on Star Plus Class ships.

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