Geoffrey DeVito Ko Yao Noi Sunrise from cruise ship

Star Pride “Breakfast Club” by Geoffrey DeVito

Geoffrey DeVito is a cultural anthropologist and our guest lecturer on Star Pride voyaging Places & Pagodas. He shares his stunning pictures and experience below:

Small ship cruising in exotic locations is a spectacular experience no matter how you spin it, but there are moments, adventures and traditions which can’t be planned; they must grow organically, on each voyage. Since leaving Singapore on StarPride a few days ago, we’ve been treated to one beautiful sunrise after another. On day one, a sea day, two people were on the SkyDeck with cameras and coffees looking at the sun. Day two this number swelled to four and day three brought six people focused on nature’s offering of morning light. Today, for what was the most spectacular of the sunrises, six diehards were there, at 6:20am, battling condensation in cameras and all worshiping the sunrise in their own way. The sense of silent camaraderie as each person enjoyed ample space on the deck was as strong. As the orange, yellow and off-lilac peacocked for us cameras snapped, coffee sipped and serenity was the vibration of the morning. A guest sat, meditating, away from the photographers and in a way was a symbol of the experience we shared. The day quickly upon us, we nod silently towards each other, smile and know we’ll be back tomorrow as we approach Ko Phi Phi.
G.DeVito Ko Yao Noi Sunrise00005
G.DeVito Ko Yao Noi Sunrise00003
G.DeVito Ko Yao Noi Sunrise00002
G.DeVito Ko Yao Noi Sunrise00001

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