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Staying in Touch on Windstar

Ah, vacation – a time for letting go, cutting loose, and connecting with the world/loved ones. Sometimes, it also means disconnecting from technology as you recharge your own personal batteries.
Still, it’s an increasingly connected world we live in, and Windstar realizes that you can’t always turn off your devices, social media platforms, or email just because you’re sailing through paradise. That’s why it’s important we provide our guests with the tools for staying in touch, even when sailing across the ocean.
Destination Manager Travis LaMarche has some great tips for keeping you connected as much (or as little) as you like while aboard.


WiFi is available for purchase on all Windstar yachts. Current pricing is $60 for 200 mbs; $120 for 500 mbs; and $250 for an unlimited package (although many of our all-inclusive offers now include WiFi). Please note that service is provided via satellite and is not as fast as you may be used to at home. For that reason, Windstar staff (and specifically your Voyage Leader) are always available to provide their recommendations for the best/nearest internet café in each port, which typically affords quicker connections.
Internet café etiquette requires that you purchase something in order to take advantage of the establishment’s complimentary WiFi. I recommend using this opportunity to sip a local beer, try a local coffee drink, or sample a new soda.
Another tip? Don’t spend your time emailing friends/family individual photos. Take advantage of social media and upload the image to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever platform you use! Everyone can see/be jealous at once. Don’t forget to tag @Windstar Cruises or use #WindstarCruises – you may see your trip photos shared on Windstar channels.
Also, note the yachts are all equipped with business centers and computers, should you not have your own device.


Direct phone numbers for the yachts are available in case of emergencies. These numbers are included in your “know before you go” documents, so you may want to share this information with family and friends who may need to reach you.
Phones are also available in your cabin; however many guests choose to make calls while in port. On shore, you may consider purchasing a local calling card.
Should you decide to use your cell phone internationally, be sure to check your plan before you travel and make the appropriate adjustments. Nothing worse than being surprised by charges after your return from paradise!

Old Fashioned Mail

This may be my favorite way to stay in touch while cruising. Windstar has post cards available for purchase on board (and the ports do as well). Simply write your message and give the card to the front desk. The ship’s purser will charge the local stamp/fee to your account, and they will deliver your post card to the local port of call for delivery through the local mail. Many of our guests choose to send post cards to themselves as a fun memento of their trip. Insider tip: send a postcard from inside the Panama Canal, and your card will have a special Panama Canal stamp on it.
Still have questions on how to stay in touch? Leave them in the comments, and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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4 years ago

[…] Windstar accommodate the need to access devices, social media platforms, and email as they sail, by providing wifi on its yachts. Passengers can stay in touch as much or as little as they like while […]

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