Travel Asia: Packing Tips

Asia offers visitors a dynamic selection of urban sophistication, rural tranquility, and seaside vistas to explore. Packing for these diverse destinations that can include days spent lounging on a beach, visiting centuries old temples, and exploring busy cities, in addition to taking into account the region’s humid climate is no small feat.

We’ve put together a checklist of our must-have items and a few suggestions to help you pack everything you need for your vacation through Asia.

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Sun Protection

Sunscreen, sunglasses, chapstick with SPF, and a hat are a must. Southeast Asia is warm year round, and even during the winter, visitors can expect lots of sunshine. Hats are also recommended, with a preference for something with a wide brim, which provide more protection than a baseball cap. These items are also for sale at local stores throughout the region, if you lose, run out, or forget anything.

Asia Sun Protection Check List

Daily Essentials

A sarong or scarf, wet wipes, and bug spray are top items travelers recommend for daily use when visiting Southeast Asia. A small travel umbrella is also recommended to have on hand for rain showers or to shield you from the sun on hot days.

In respect to local customs, women should plan to cover their shoulders when visiting temples and religious sites.  A scarf or sarong is a versatile accessory that can be easily carried and wrapped around your shoulders for extra coverage when needed.

Wet wipes are great to have for bathroom stops, cleaning your hands after stopping to enjoy some of the region’s great street food, and as a general way to cool and refresh your skin.

Bug spray is another item travelers prefer to have on hand when exploring temples and more rural areas, especially in the evenings when the mosquitoes are most active.

Daily Essentials Asia Check List


Plan to bring clothing light in color and fabric to help your skin breath in the warm humid climate. Stay away from dark and heavy materials like polyester. A light jacket or sweater is also advisable for heavily air-conditioned stores and restaurants.


Sandals, flip flops, and lightweight trainers or hiking shoes are ideal for traveling through Southeast Asia. Aim for sturdy comfortable shoes that you can walk long distances in, explore trails around temples, and easily slip on and off. In some regions,  shoes are taken off when entering residences, some public places, and religious sites.

For more packing lists to help plan for your trip to Asia, visit Travel Fashion Girl or USA Today Travel.

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