Wind Surf Cruises the Atlantic

Wind Surf’s Captain Alan MacAry recently completed a successful Transatlantic crossing. Below he shares the yacht’s journey from St. Maarten to Lisbon.

During the crossing we had Trimline Interiors on board to replace deckheads in AmphorA restaurant and the boardwalk between the Yacht Club and The Lounge. The stairwells outside Stella Bistro and AmphorA also had their deckheads changed.  This meant that we had no other option but to close AmphorA for five nights in the first week of the crossing. The Wind Surf Crew teamed up to complete this amazing crossing and ensure that the guests had a great voyage despite the renovations being done. With the help of all departments this voyage was a huge success. Now, where do we begin…?

At the Captain’s gala dinner, a nine-course gourmet menu was created by the Executive Chef Rohit, and the galley team. All the dishes were cooked to perfection, and the bar and dining room staff performed their carefully synchronized, choreographed service flawlessly to three long tables of guests and officers.

The guest and crew talent show was a real highlight of the crossing, with all guests in attendance. The show featured songs and comedy sketches from guests, including a tribute to the Supremes from three gentlemen, as well as performances by Guest Service Manager Jane, Bar Manager Rommel, Shop Manager Rebecca, a routine by the Reception Girls with Guest Entertainer Andrea Dickinson, and even a performance from one of the Trimline guys, Aaron, who showed his more musical side.

The surprise highlight of the crossing was the boat building competition.  Guests teamed up to build their vessels with materials (as the rules stated) from around the Wind Surf.  Trimline staff helped teams by supplying various items.  The winning team really went the extra mile, building a spectacularly detailed boat, complete with sails, Captain, and swimming pool and named the Wind Cat. They even had costumes,  a promotional speech prepared, theme music playing for their big reveal, and named the guest entertainer, Andrea, their Godmother. The competition culminated in a sea worthiness trial and the judging ceremony was officiated by the Captain and Hotel Manager. It was a really fun afternoon by the pool for everyone, and another opportunity to play the Windstar’s signature sail away music.


Windstar’s signature deck barbecue was relocated to the aft end of the yacht to avoid the wind. Our house band Top Society even had a special stage for the night, inside the drained swimming pool!

A Windstar magical moment happened when Wind Surf and Wind Spirit met mid-Atlantic! Side-by-side the two yachts sailed alongside each other while guests and crew gathered to wave and shout greetings.

We were very lucky with the weather, with little to no rain after departure all the way through to Lisbon. The voyage culminated with a beautiful evening arrival and a great photo opportunity as we went under the infamous 25th of April suspension bridge.

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