Wind Surf

At Sea with Eileen Ogintz

The azure waters of the Mediterranean have been revered since the Romans called it Mare Nostrum, or “Our Sea”, the Greek’s called it Mediterraneaus, or “Middle of the Earth,” and Arabic literature referred to it as “The Byzantine Sea.” Surrounded by nations of stunning natural beauty and innumerable small islands – each an unexplored micro …

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Croatia with Eileen Ogintz

Eileen Ogintz is no stranger to travel. As a national correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, she traveled all over the country chasing down stories. In addition to writing stories for national newspapers and magazines, she also writes an award-winning column, Taking the Kids, which has become a must-read for many travel enthusiasts and family-minded individuals …

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Signature Host: Chef Fabio Viviani

He’s charming, fun, has an Italian accent – AND he can cook. It’s no surprise that Chef Fabio Viviani has a large audience of admirers and was voted “Season 5 Fan Favorite” following his several appearances on Bravo Network’s wildly successful reality show: “Top Chef.” Born in Florence, Fabio has become famous for his Tuscan …

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