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Right now is the time to book an extraordinary journey full of wonder and adventure. Enjoy fantastic savings during Windstar’s Canadian Traveller’s Event. Canadian residents can take advantage of exclusive pricing on voyages to the Caribbean, Asia, Tahiti, Costa Rica, and other Windstar destinations. Experience the untamed natural beauty of the Philippines, the sprawling, sun-drenched beaches of the Antilles, the engineering marvel of the Panama Canal and more – all at reduced fares.

With these savings, now is the perfect time to book your next adventure, but hurry – voyages are selling out!

New York Lights, Warm Caribbean Nights
Star Pride11New York City to San Juan10/23/2021From $2,799 per guest
Star Collector: Manhattan Skylines, Bermuda Beaches, Caribbean Coastlines
Star Pride21New York City to San Juan10/23/2021From $5,299 per guest
Star Collector: Pilgrimage to the Parthenon, Pyramids & Petra
Star Legend18Athens to Barcelona10/25/2021From $7,299 per guest
Star Collector: Mayan Magnificence, Transatlantic Tranquility
Star Legend25Lisbon to Miami11/24/2021From $3,499 per guest
Vatican & Croatian Coastlines Cruise Tour
Wind Surf11Rome to Venice06/27/2021From $4,599 per guest
Lake Como & Adriatic Romance Cruise Tour
Wind Surf12Rome to Cernobbio06/29/2021From $5,199 per guest
Lake Como & Adriatic Romance Cruise Tour
Wind Surf11Cernobbio to Rome07/05/2021From $5,199 per guest
Vatican & Croatian Coastlines Cruise Tour
Wind Surf10Venice to Rome07/08/2021From $4,599 per guest
Lake Como & Adriatic Romance Cruise Tour
Wind Surf11Cernobbio to Rome07/21/2021From $5,199 per guest
Vatican & Croatian Coastlines Cruise Tour
Wind Surf10Venice to Rome07/24/2021From $4,599 per guest
Delphi & Meteora: Grecian Treasures Cruise Tour
Wind Star10Athens to Athens07/28/2021From $4,899 per guest
Treasures of the Greek Isles
Wind Star7Athens to Athens07/31/2021From $3,299 per guest
Greece, Israel & Egypt: Footsteps of Faith in the Holy Lands
Star Legend10Athens to Athens10/25/2021From $5,399 per guest
Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast
Wind Surf9Rome to Venice06/29/2021From $3,199 per guest
Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast
Wind Surf8Venice to Rome07/08/2021From $3,199 per guest
Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast
Wind Surf8Venice to Rome07/24/2021From $3,199 per guest
Ocean Crossings
Star Legend15Lisbon to Miami11/24/2021From $1,699 per guest
Ocean Crossings
Wind Surf13Lisbon to St. Maarten11/28/2021From $1,299 per guest
The Windstar experience is less like a cruise and more like sailing on your own private yacht. With only 148 to 342 guests on board, you get a level of personalized attention that doesn't exist on bigger ships. With world-class dining and amenities including a Watersports Platform, enriching excursions that get you closer to local culture, and more freedom to come and go, you can follow your curiosity.
Handpicked, must-do voyages for those that have already "been there, done that."
Dreams of Tahiti
A graceful yacht is the perfect way to experience the true wonder of Tahiti. We’ll let the trade winds fill our sails as we visit one legendary island after another, with plenty of casual time to swim and snorkel in crystal-clear lagoons, meander through lush rainforests, and experience the fascinating Polynesian culture from tikis to tiare flowers.
Tahiti & the Tuamotu Islands
The trade winds of French Polynesia have enticed sailors for centuries – and now those same beautiful breezes welcome us as we sail through the windward and leeward Society Islands to the serene natural beauty of the Tuamotu Islands, where pristine atolls and crystal lagoons welcome you to a hidden paradise. Visit Fakarava where rare species are found nowhere else on earth.
Alaskan Splendors
Conde Nast Traveler 2019 Hot List
"As far as Alaskan expeditions go, this itinerary gives passengers more access to so many aspects of the state's culture than any competitor."  - Conde Nast Traveler

Witness the grandeur of Alaska’s premier glaciers: Mendenhall in Juneau, Kenai Fjords’ Harding Icefield, Tracy Arm’s twin Sawyer Glaciers. Discover Alaskan Native villages, Russian cathedrals, and Gold Rush history. Thrill as you watch a wild brown bear snatch a struggling salmon from a stream or a humpback whale breach off the bow. Cruise Misty Fjords and Kenai Fjords on your lovely all-suite ship, waters beyond the reach of larger Alaska cruise ships.
Ancient Wonders of Greece & Ephesus
Enjoy a cruise worthy of Greek gods as you visit the land of myth and legend on your own white chariot. Feast your eyes on Santorini’s raven-black cliffs draped in Cyclades-blue and white homes. Inhale the scent of heather and pines on the sacred island of Patmos, where the book of Revelation was penned. Walk on cobblestones worn smooth by peasants and knights in the living medieval cities of Rhodes and Monemvasia. Stray off the beaten path to Ermoupoli where the strains of rebetiko (Greek blues) flow from open-air tavernas, and to Agios Nikolaus, to swim in the lagoon where the goddess Athena was said to bathe. Blur the lines between dreams and reality as you dine in the shadow of Ephesus at a complimentary Destination Discovery Event. Each day adds a new page as you write your own legend
Around Iceland
Dramatic scenery and curious communities coalesce on this week-long circumnavigation of Iceland. Explore a country few people will ever visit, and go far beyond the tourist hotspots to remote fjords, raging waterfalls, and small fishing villages. Get to know the independent and creative Icelanders, and watch whales and seabirds play offshore. This Iceland cruise is yachting at its most inventive.
Classic Italy & Dalmatian Coast
Explore the shores of Italy, Croatia and Montenegro, discovering the charm of Venice, the magnificence of Rome, and the vast beauty of the Dalmatian Coast. Wander down the ancient cobblestone streets of Taormina, travel up the sparking fjord to Kotor and bask in the allure of small ship cruising as your small ship anchors in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik while larger ships only pass by. From remarkable small ports such as Rovinj to timeless cities like Venice and Rome, discover the Mediterranean’s most charming and historic destinations in one incomparable voyage.

Looking for more? Go in-land and combine the best of the land and sea with Cruise Tours that include this itinerary:
Comprehensive Indonesia Exploration
Explore the world’s largest archipelago from some of the most beautiful beaches in the world to melting pot cities overflowing with diverse cultures. Snorkel above purple sea anemones and orange clown fish off gleaming white Bali beaches. Climb to enlightenment at Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Watch the modern-day dinosaurs of Komodo swagger through the undergrowth. From small-ship exclusives to must-see sights, we show you Indonesia at its most authentic.
Costa Rica & Panama Canal
Come find the natural and man-made wonders combined on this exotic Costa Rican and Panama Canal cruise full of bucket list places and activities.  Learn about the area from a local Naturalist on board, then take a Zodiac ashore and find rare experiences for yourself. Hike through Manuel Antonio National Park in search of its lovely beaches and abundant animal life. Soar high above the Quepos jungle floor as you zipline searching for such wildlife residents as monkeys, sloths, and toucans, then explore Golfo Dulce with some of the most intense rainforest landscapes in the world. Take a daylight transit through the massive Panama Canal, one of the world's most stunning feats of engineering on a ship that lets you see it all.
San Juan & the Virgin Islands
Begin and end your journey where Old World meets New, in historic San Juan, littered with more than 400 restored Spanish colonial buildings. As you continue on this bewitching Caribbean cruise through the Virgin Islands, no two days are alike. One day, you’re shopping chic French boutiques for the latest fashions from Paris. On another, snorkeling a secluded cove known only to lucky yachtsmen – like you. Skip more common and commercial ports in favor of less-visited destinations like Montserrat. Bypass the major cruise terminals in favor of exclusive marinas and anchorages on this Caribbean cruise. And as guests on larger cruise ships take an excursion from Tortola to reach tiny Jost Van Dyke, your elegant ship is already there.
Sicilian Splendors
Encircle the Isle of Sicily and discover sparkling resorts favored by emperors, towns frozen in time by legendary volcanoes, Maltese palaces where knights and Grand Masters once gathered … this itinerary has them all. Watch the stunning Amalfi Coast pass by from the deck of your intimate small ship and raise a glass of limoncello to another blissful day in the warm Mediterranean sunshine.
Souks & Sherries: Iberia & Morocco
Discover unforgettable destinations overlooked by larger cruise lines during this 10-day Western Mediterranean cruise that visits historic landmarks and little-known spaces in Portugal, Spain, and Morocco. Wander warm sandy beaches near Portimao or board a small boat bound for caves and bronze- and umber-hued rock formations at the Alfanzina Grotto. Sip fino and oloroso sherries in a quiet cellar outside of Cádiz. Prepare traditional Moroccan flat bread for baking in a local oven during a Tangier cooking school lesson. Barter for handmade jewelry and handpainted ceramics in a crowded souk. Browse Pablo Picasso’s sculptures and obscure works and savor a Spanish sunset and evening tapas—best paired with spicy Grenacha and dark Tempranillo wines—during an overnight stay in Málaga. Unearth the ancient influences of Hispania Antiqua as you explore the Roman Theatre and Museum prior to observing the excavations and 2,000-year-old Punic relics at the Muralla Punica archaeological site.
Southeast Canadian Explorations
Quebec’s French-flavored history, Prince Edward Island’s anachronistic charm, the fusion of Acadian and Scottish cultures in Nova Scotia—each province distills its own blend of Old World and New, bucolic and urbane. Browse the shops and boulangeries along Quebec City’s picturesque Petit Champlain, the oldest street in North America. Fall under the spell of Charlottetown and Gaspe with their bright red covered bridges and Anne of Green Gables vibe, and Halifax with its lively pub culture and majestic Citadel. 
Spanish Symphony
Poised as if to kiss the continent of Africa, Andalusia hugs the southern coast of Spain and embraces cultural influences from both sides of the strait. This is the birthplace of Don Juan and Carmen, evening paseos by women in lace mantillas, cape-twirling matadors. In short, it is quintessential Spain. The beaches of the Costa del Sol are legendary. And behind lie equally magnificent mountain ranges sheltering picturesque “white villages.” Here you won’t find cookie-cutter castles, but amazing cultural amalgams like the Alhambra and Alcázar. On your elegant ship, you will cruise past larger ships right to the heart of old towns and to the steps of friendly bodegas.
Treasures of the Greek Isles
Discover the magic and mythology of the Greek Isles – one of the most storied regions of the world. Sail across the azure waters of the Aegean Sea visiting the small hidden ports of Nafplio, Monemvasia, and Patmos and the legendary islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Windstar brings you closer to unique island cultures, ancient treasures, and the breathtaking beaches of Greece. Your vacation includes visits to nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a complimentary local Destination Discovery Event featuring dinner in the ancient city of Ephesus.
Windward Islands Surf & Sunsets
Revel in seven days of surf, sand and sunsets during this leisurely cruise up and down the Caribbean’s Windward Islands. It’s a perfect vacation getaway for anyone craving a quick escape from life’s everyday obligations. Swim among sea turtles and glide above dazzling coral reefs with a highly skilled diving guide off the coast of Les Saintes’ volcanic shoreline. Stroll the weather-beaten parapets of the citadel of El Morro near San Juan, Puerto Rico and run your fingers along the stone scars left by Dutch invasions and American bombardments. Then clip into a zip line and hang on as moss-covered limbs and colorful wild birds rush by your head as you glide through St. Lucia’s rainforest canopy. Vacation time is always well spent among the Windward Islands, but nothing makes it more perfect than the personalized attention and unique excursion opportunities offered by Windstar.
Yachtsman's Harbors of the Rivieras
Enjoy the world’s premier yachting playgrounds in a beautiful small ship that feels like your own private yacht. These beautiful ports string together like perfect pearls, each glowing with its own special beauty. Sparkling cities and charming villages. Secluded harbors and immaculate beaches. Discover the mystique and magic of the Rivieras that only an intimate small ship can show you.