Enchanting Greece & the Amalfi Coast

Enchanting Greece & the Amalfi Coast
Idyllic islands, charming cobbled villages, spectacular scenery, intriguing history. Capture the heart of the Mediterranean in a single cruise voyage. Each small harbor is especially suited for small ship exploration. Enjoy the best of the region — from the ancient ruins of Sparta and Mystras to the pure indulgence of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

A Complimentary Windstar Destination Discovery Event

Enchanting Greece & the Amalfi Coast

Giardini Naxos: Tastes of Sicily

Your exclusive Destination Discovery Event begins with a trip to Gambino Vineyards, a family-run winery that displays a passion for perfection in all they produce.  You will get a wonderful education in what to expect from world-class Sicilian wines made by people who pay exacting attention to indigenous vines, the Etnean terroir, and modern vinification practices. Enjoy the unmistakable perfumes of the volcano vegetation and taste some delicious wine.
After your tour your lunch at the winery includes a selection of traditional Sicilian food which, naturally, is paired with excellent wines. Savor your meal. There's no rush when you're enjoying the good life with your Windstar companions.


Please note: This Destination Discovery Event has been scheduled in a way that will allow you to book and experience another shore excursion on the same day and you will not miss anything.

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