Sicilian Splendors

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Sicilian Splendors
Encircle the Isle of Sicily and discover sparkling resorts favored by emperors, towns frozen in time by legendary volcanoes, Maltese palaces where knights and Grand Masters once gathered … this itinerary has them all. Watch the stunning Amalfi Coast pass by from the deck of your private yacht and raise a glass of limoncello to another blissful day in the warm Mediterranean sunshine.

A Complimentary Windstar Destination Discovery Event

Sicilian Splendors

Agrigento: Beauty Among the Ruins

We will escort you by private coach to the legendary Valley of the Temples where you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into an Italian painting. Surrounded by architectural treasures, your expert guide will introduce you to the marvels of this, one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, where impressive edifices from 510 to 430 B.C. evoke haunting and romantic history. A noted archaeologist will provide a private lecture that will bring these stunning sites alive.

You will enjoy a magnificent lunch on the grounds of the 5-star Hotel Villa Athena — prepared exclusively for Windstar guests. The vistas are as mouthwatering as the menu. The private park with its Saracen olive trees and centuries-old palms helps create a magical atmosphere.

From the Greek founders, to the Romans, to the Greek-speaking conquerors of Byzantium, to the Muslim Arabs, to the Normans, to the present day — everyone who comes to Agrigento finds a place of eternal beauty. Now it is a treasured memory for our Windstar guests who attend this exclusive Destination Discovery Event.

Please note: This Destination Discovery Event is the only shore excursion available in Port Empedocle.  

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