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Winter Antilles Escape

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Winter Antilles Escape
Uncurl your frozen toes as you escape the winter doldrums during this week-long cruise featuring sundrenched beaches and steamy tropical rainforests along the Lesser Antilles Islands in the Caribbean. Set sail from the colorful Colonial Era homes and shops in San Juan, Puerto Rico, then roam like the untethered horses across the tiny island of Vieques, wandering barefoot on beige sandy beaches, or delving deep into the shady, tropical recesses of the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge. Gleaming white sands, sparkling turquoise waters and Philipsburg’s vibrant pastel buildings offer respite from the starker winter hues up north this time of year, but if you’re seeking culinary adventures, the delicious saltfish fritters, meat-filled pastries and potent and refreshing fruity Le Planteur punch will certainly compete for your attention. Learn about the future plans for Montserrat’s newly-developed capital in Little Bay, or visit the ghostly past among the dusty ruins of the Buried City, where former homes remain entombed in volcanic ash. Glide among geothermal bubbles and schools of flitting angelfish, blue tang, yellow goatfish, and blue-striped grunts just off the sloping shores of Roseau’s Champagne Beach. Soar into the treetops in an open-air gondola ride, taking in Pigeon Island’s rare avian and arboreal wonders high above a rainforest reserve. Master SCUBA diving in the company of expert divers or venture inland and sample delicious organic gourmet chocolate at a cocoa processing facility near St. George's in Grenada. Your adventure concludes in Bridgetown, Barbados, where you can reflect upon memories and deeper thoughts in the quiet shadows of the Gothic-inspired, St. John’s Church, or find the perfect surf conditions during a drive up the scenic Gold Coast.

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