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Star Collector: Grand Adventure: Australia, New Zealand & East Asia

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Star Collector: Grand Adventure: Australia, New Zealand & East Asia
Enrich your travel insights and worldview during this 65-day cruise featuring stops in coastal cities, small ports, remote villages and isolated beaches in Australia, New Zealand and Eastern Asia. Roam off-road on 4-wheeled ATVs along misty mountain trails in the picturesque New Zealand backcountry beyond Wellington. Soar in a small plane from Hobart, Tasmania to South West National Park, one of the last wilderness frontiers. Stay out late during an overnight stay in Sydney for tasty dishes like pizzas topped with smoked emu meat, or Australian lobster and grilled steaks paired with old vine Barossa Valley Shiraz. Explore Indonesian handcrafted art and everyday Bali life in Batuan Village and admire the intricate statuary adorning stately Puseh Batuan Temple. Ride the fastest elevator in the world up 89 stories to Taipei 101’s observation deck. Stroll through manicured gardens surrounding moats that elegantly enclose Himeji Castle’s ivory fortifications near Kobe.

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