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Island Hopping through Japan

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Island Hopping through Japan
Discover firsthand the allure of Japan’s small ports and historic landmarks during this 12-day cruise featuring scenic explorations of the Seto Inland Sea and additional stops in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Spend a day exploring Japan’s iconic temples and an entire evening sampling Japanese cuisine and succulent Kobe beef during an overnight port stay in Kyoto. Lose yourself among old fishing relics and weathered Funaya, vintage fisherman buildings, in the small, picturesque port of Tomonoura, a rustic backdrop for international films and blockbuster movies. Learn about the protected, thousand-year-old cedars of Yakushima and their contributions to famous temples and formidable Japanese sailing ships. Stroll picturesque pebbled beaches or canoe nearby mangroves among the natural splendors of the Amami Islands. Slurp hot noodles while bathed in the neon glow of a Taipei night food market, surrounded by the rich aromas of spices and grilled meats and the din of clattering cooking pans and boisterous vendors.

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