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Uncovering the Windward Wonders of the Caribbean

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Bridgetown to Bridgetown

Uncovering the Windward Wonders of the Caribbean
Discover the warmth of scenic island splendors paired with delicious Caribbean cuisine during this 7-day cruise from Barbados to Dominica, Montserrat, St. Barthélemy, Antiqua, Guadeloupe, and St. Lucia. Swim or snorkel surrounded by brightly colored tropical fish off the shores of Roseau, or stay inland and amble amid Dominica’s most stunning and fragrant flowers at several placid botanical gardens. Meander between historic colonial houses in Nelson’s Dockyard east of Falmouth Harbour, or trek along nearby trails to higher vistas above Antiqua, where British frigates and sloops anchored below centuries ago. Stroll the cobbled streets of Les Saintes, then snack on spongy and sweet tourment d’amour pastries within sight of pastel-hued Saintoise wood fishing boats bobbing in the palm-lined harbor. Glide in an open-air gondola among vibrant tropical birds nestled amid Pigeon Island’s shady rainforest canopy as a naturalist offers insights about the unique characteristics of St. Lucia’s Caribbean oceanic forests.

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