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Pearls of the Indian Ocean

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Nov 15 Wed
5:00 PM
Nov 16 Thu
At Sea
Nov 17 Fri
At Sea
Nov 18 Sat
At Sea
Nov 19 Sun
8:00 AM
10:00 PM
Nov 20 Mon
At Sea
Nov 21 Tue
7:00 AM
3:00 PM
Nov 22 Wed
8:00 AM
6:00 PM
Nov 23 Thu
At Sea
Nov 24 Fri
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5:00 PM
Nov 25 Sat
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Nov 26 Sun
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Nov 27 Mon
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Nov 28 Tue
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5:00 PM
Nov 29 Wed
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Nov 30 Thu
8:00 AM
6:00 PM
Dec 1 Fri
7:00 AM
TO 5:00 PM Dubai

day 1 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
In Dubai, sports run the gamut from camel races in the desert to an indoor ski mountain. Architecture spans Bedouin tents and Arabian wind towers to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. Archipelagos miraculously appear in the image of palm trees and planets. It’s a lot to take in. By all means, add some extra days here to get your head around this amazing city that seems to be all things to all people. Your beautiful white yacht will be waiting here for you when you return.


8:00 AM TO 10:00 PM Mumbai (Bombay)

day 5 Mumbai (Bombay), India

Mumbai (Bombay), India
Greet the day with a namaste as you dive into Indian culture. Visit the Elephanta Caves where stone Shivas quietly reflect on the mischievous macaque monkeys. Explore the sleepy lanes of old Colaba and the Portuguese-style homes in Khotachiwadi. Sip a cup of chai tea as the lights begin to twinkle along the famed Queen’s Necklace.
7:00 AM TO 3:00 PM Mangalore

day 7 Mangalore, India

Mangalore, India
Those freighters are probably carrying spices, coffee, and cashews out of the harbor as we go in. (But don’t worry, they left some very fresh cashews for you to taste while you’re here.) The churches, temples, and mosques clue you in that this town will be peaceful and welcoming.
8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM Cochin

day 8 Cochin, India

Cochin, India
As the first European settlement in India, Cochin is used to seeing western ships in its harbor, although few as beautiful as yours. Explore leftover bits of the Netherlands and Portugal in old Fort Kochi, along with the soaring cantilevered fishing nets. Cruise the backwaters of Kerala, a network of rivers, streams and canals for a peek at traditional rural lifestyles.
8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Galle

day 10 Galle, Sri Lanka

 The impressive Dutch fort of this colonial city, is a UNESCO site and the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by European occupiers. The main attractions of Galle include the National Museum, the Lighthouse, multiple temples and churches including the Dutch All Saints Church. Galle is home to the Handunugoda Lower Tea Estate that produces the globally acclaimed Virgin White Tea, untouched by hands and deemed the purest tea of all. Its 140-year-old estate is rich in birds and wildlife, as well as numerous spices including cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and turmeric.
7:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Phuket

day 14 Phuket, Thailand

Known as the pearl of Thailand, Phuket is famous for pristine beaches, lush vegetation and natural beauty and is one of Southeast Asia’s most popular destinations. We will anchor in Patong Bay. The beach is lined with restaurants and bars, the sand is very fine and easy to walk on barefoot. The water is clear and great for swimming. Weather permitting, the Watersports Platform will be open here.
8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM Malacca

day 16 Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca Malaysia
Malaysia’s history permeates this UNESCO World Heritage Site city. The older part of the city has, in addition to the old palace and large buildings, many private houses and shops from nearly a century or more ago, built by Chinese traders. Exploration here includes temples, churches, old Dutch houses and a village of traditional Melakan houses. The Jejak Warisan Heritage Trail features many historic sites. It goes into the Baba Nyonya Museum, temples, St. Paul’s and the Porta de Santiago monument.
7:00 AM TO Singapore

day 17 Singapore

Say hello to Stamford Raffles’ engaging city, a modern metropolis which is blended with the traditional historic towns of the founders. These include Chinatown, Little India and the Malay community of Kampong Glam. The Singapore River meanders through the center of the island with vistas of skyscrapers and historic shop houses, often side-by-side. Singapore is a tropical garden city with flowers and greenery everywhere. Among the attractions are the domes at Gardens by the Bay located near Marina Bay and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Botanic Gardens. Orchard Road is the epicenter for shopping some of Asia’s leading retailers and includes both international brands and local shops.

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