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Greenland: North Atlantic Odyssey

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TO 5:00 PM Reykjavik

day 1 Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland
The world's most northerly capital and Iceland’s main population center, Reykjavik feels more like a big town than a city. It’s surprisingly hip with a live music scene, art, and eclectic architecture. World-class nature attractions are close at hand, including one of the country’s deepest lakes as well as bubbling and steaming earth. In a sophisticated spa setting at the renowned Blue Lagoon, you may soak in waters heated naturally by the earth. It’s a must-do experience and great photo opportunity. Your body will thank you. Reykjavik is a fun city to explore on foot. Wander the old quarter with its colorful historic buildings and narrow streets, then head uphill to the Hallgr√≠mskirkja church, a modernist landmark. Stroll the harbor front, stopping at a fishermen’s shack for a bowl of langoustine  (lobster soup) – there’s also plenty of opportunity for fine dining in this foodie capital. Further along the water are artist studios, boutiques, cafes, and galleries occupying former fishermen’s warehouses and sheds. Art-lovers will want to visit  the Reykjavik Art Museum, with its large collection of Icelandic works. The separate contemporary branch near the harbor includes a collection of works by Icelandic pop-artist Err√≥. The National Museum of Iceland is the place to explore the country’s history and culture, starting with the Vikings.
7:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Prince Christian Sound

day 4 Scenic Cruising Prince Christian Sound, Greenland

prince christian sound
The beautiful fjord system of Prince Christian Sound is a waterway in southern Greenland that connects the Labrador Sea and the Irminger Sea. Sixty miles long and narrows to only 1,500 feet wide at some points. It separates the mainland from the islands of the Cape Farewell Archipelago and is surrounded by steep granite mountains as high as 3,937 feet.
8:00 AM TO 10:00 PM Qaqortoq

day 5 Qaqortoq, Greenland

qaqortoq greenland
The scenic colonial town of Qaqortoq is easily seen on foot. Walk to the town square with its gorgeous fountain built of Igaliku rocks. Colorful houses encircle the square and Our Saviour’s Church, built in 1832, is nearby. There are many works of art that have been chiseled into the rocks at the sculpture park called “Stone and Man,”  and the local museum full of Nordic artifacts is definitely worth a visit. Another point of interest is the fishing wharf where fresh and dried fish is sold.
7:00 AM TO 2:00 PM Nanortalik

day 6 Nanortalik, Greenland

nanortalik greenland
The southernmost town in Greenland located at the mouth of the Tasermuit Fjord, Nanortalik shares space with polar bears who live and hunt on the sea outside of town. Vertical cliffs and steep peaks characterize the area around Nanortalik and Ketil Mountain at 6,562 feet has one of the highest climbing walls with Greenland’s only natural forest just 25 miles away. The locals are charming and friendly and known for their choir singing, which you may end up hearing.
3:00 PM TO 7:00 PM Tasermiut Fjord Scenic Cruising

day 6 Tasermiut Fjord Scenic Cruising

Tasermiut Fjord Scenic Cruising
This 43-mile (70km) long fjord opens into the Labrador Sea and separates two long mountainous peninsulas. Nanortalik Island is located at the mouth of the fjord. It is a popular spot for climbers and kayakers and is the starting point for many challenging treks.
8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Narsaq

day 7 Narsaq, Greenland

Narsaq, Greenland
With a population of 1,600, Narsaq is the youngest town of Greenland and was founded in 1959. The mountain behind the town is full of coveted minerals and is a major attractions for rock pickers and geologists including the rare mineral, Tugtupit which has only been found in one or two places around the world.
7:00 AM TO 3:00 PM St. Anthony

day 10 St. Anthony, Newfoundland

St. Anthony, Newfoundland
St. Anthony is a popular whale-watching destination. Located at the northern tip of Newfoundland, icebergs appear along Newfoundland Iceberg Alley and the rugged coastline, there is a vast wilderness of valleys and lake-dotted mountains, and the local fresh seafood is among the best.
10:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Bonne Bay / Woody Point

day 11 Bonne Bay / Woody Point, Newfoundland, Canada

Bonne Bay / Woody Point, Newfoundland, Canada
Bonne Bay and Woody Point are part of the Gros Morne National Park, whose ancient landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bonne Bay has two sections – Inner Bonne Bay and Outer Bonne Bay. Inner Bonne Bay has two arms with wooded coves and beaches. Outer Bonne Bay is the entrance to the Bonne Bay fjord. This bay was carved out approximately 10,000 years ago and is an area full of wildlife – moose and caribou, Arctic hare and ptarmigan.
12:00 PM TO 8:00 PM Havre

day 12 Havre, St. Pierre & Miquelon

Havre, St. Pierre & Miquelon
Situated at the northern end of the St. Lawrence River, Havre St. Pierre is home to the eerie limestone structures of the Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve. Tourism contributes hugely to the economy of this small town noted for the unique variety of flora and fauna found here such as the rare Mingan Thistle and puffins. Excellent fishing is also found here,made up of snow crab, scallops, lobster and salmon.
8:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Quebec City

day 14 Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

quebec city canada
A focal point of French culture and one of North America’s oldest and most beautiful cities, Quebec City sits above the St. Lawrence River on a rocky spur with 328-foot cliffs. This French-speaking city was established in 1608 with the only fortified city walls remaining in America north of Mexico, and declared a UNESCO World Heritage City. The Old Town is packed with museums, cobblestone streets and mansard-roofed houses begging to be explored. Other historic attractions include the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, Notre Dame Basilica, Battlefields Park and Terrasse Dufferin.
8:00 AM TO Montreal

day 15 Montreal, Quebec, Canada

montreal quebec canada
Montreal is full of interesting architecture and is considered by many to be the creative capital of Canada. Named a UNESCO City of Design, Montreal attractions include Basilique Notre-Dame, Stade Olympique, Canal de Lachine, Old Montreal, and Habitat 67. Enjoy a meal at one of the terraced cafes of Plateau Mont-Royal and make sure you try Kamouraska lamb, Arctic char and poutine.

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