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Star Collector: Alaska Crossing to Japan

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Aug 21 Sat
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Aug 24 Tue
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Aug 25 Wed
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Aug 30 Mon
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Sep 1 Wed
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Sep 16 Thu
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Sep 17 Fri
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TO 5:00 PM Vancouver

day 1 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver’s location at the mouth of the Fraser River and on the waterways of the Strait of Georgia, Howe Sound, Burrard Inlet and all their tributaries makes this busy seaport an easy place for meeting. It is one of Canada’s most populated, most ethnically diverse cities that is a popular filming location. Visit the interesting neighborhoods of Gastown, Granville Island and Chinatown. Walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge and stroll through Stanley Park. See the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Museum of Anthropology. There is an amazing variety of things to see and do here.
5:30 AM TO 5:30 AM Canadian Inside Passage

day 2 Scenic Cruising Canadian Inside Passage

Canadian Inside Passage
Today we cruise the fjords of Canada’s Inside Passage boasting centuries-old coastal rainforests, beaches, waterfalls and mountains. Over 25,000 miles of rugged coastline lie in Canada’s Inside Passage, joining Alaska’s 15,000 miles of inside waters and provides a safe and sheltered West Coast waterway transit.  In this isolated wilderness look for coastal First Nations longhouses fronted with proud totems and a variety of marine life, from orcas and porpoises to some of the largest populations of bald eagles in the world.
2:00 PM TO 10:00 PM Misty Fjords

day 3 Misty Fjords, Alaska - Optional Expedition Day

Misty Fjords, with its gorgeous views of natural formations is a national monument and wilderness area with steep valleys formed by glaciers and lava flows. It is part of the Tongass National Forest and is about 40 miles east of Ketchikan along the Inside Passage. With its icy blue lakes, waterfalls, snowcapped peaks and glacial valleys literally everywhere you point your camera you will get a postcard picture, depending on the weather of course. For a more up-close opportunity in this beautiful scenic sanctuary optional expeditions excursions will be available.

8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM Ketchikan

day 4 Ketchikan, Alaska

Dubbed the Salmon Capital of the World, Ketchikan is the southeastern-most town in Alaska and is home to the world’s largest collection of standing totem poles that are found throughout the city and at four major locations: Saxman Totem Park, Totem Bight State Park, Potlatch Park, and the Totem Heritage Center. Other attractions of Ketchikan are Creek Street, a boardwalk road built on pilings over Ketchikan Creek and the Waterfront Promenade that skirts the bustling shoreline with inviting whale-tail benches to take in the view.
8:00 AM TO 3:00 PM Wrangell

day 5 Wrangell, Alaska

One of the oldest towns in Alaska, Wrangell is located near the mouth of the Stikine River. Much of its history can be seen in the impressive collection of totems scattered throughout the town. Highlights here are the amazing Petroglyph Beach State Historic Park where you can find primitive rock carvings and just 30 miles away is the Anan Wildlife Observatory with the largest pink salmon runs in the Inside Passage, and a platform from which you can look for eagles, harbor seals and black bears.
10:00 AM TO 9:00 PM Juneau

day 6 Juneau, Alaska

Located on the Gastineau Channel in the Alaskan panhandle, Juneau sits at sea level below steep mountains between 3,500-4,000 feet high. Atop these mountains is the Juneau Icefield, a large ice mass from which about 30 glaciers flow, and two of them – Mendenhall Glacier and Lemon Creek Glacier are visible from the local road. A unique feature of Juneau is that it is the only U.S. capital that has no roads connecting it to the rest of the state.
6:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Haines

day 7 Haines, Alaska

Bald Eagle Alaska
Haines is one of the most popular Alaska cruise ports and one of the best places for hiking, fishing and wildlife viewing, especially bald eagles.  Within the Haines city limits Fort William H. Seward is a nationally recognized historic landmark, with some of its structures open to the public. Other cultural offerings in Haines include the Alaska Indian Arts Center where traditional craftsmen offer demonstrations of their work, the Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center where local Tlingit people are featured, the Hammer Museum, dedicated to the history of the hammer and the Tsirku Canning Company Museum with memories of Haines’ salmon canneries.
6:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Tracy Arm / Endicott Arm

day 8 Scenic Cruising Tracy Arm / Endicott Arm, Alaska

Stunningly beautiful Tracy Arm is a fjord 45 miles south of Juneau that actually consists of two deep and narrow fjords – Tracy Arm and Endicott Arm. Both fjords are over 30 miles long. At the end of Tracy Arm are the impressive twin Sawyer Glaciers. Wildlife in the area includes black and brown bears, deer, wolves, harbor seals and a variety of birds. What you'll be able to see today and how far we can travel up Tracy Arm is weather and ice dependent.
8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Sitka

day 9 Sitka, Alaska

Sitka is one of the oldest and most culturally significant communities in Alaska, filled with rich Tlingit, Russian, and early American settler history. Sitka is famous for its spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, the copper-domed St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Pioneer Home and the Russian Bishop’s House. It contains 22 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is where the contract of sale was signed transferring Alaska from Russia to the United States.
7:00 AM TO 8:00 PM Kenai Fjords National Park

day 11 Kenai Fjords, Alaska - Optional Expedition Day

Today is a day of wonder as you cruise the Kenai Fjords, Alaska’s smallest national park. Carved by glaciers flowing from the Harding Icefield to the sea, Kenai Fjords has a rugged arctic landscape and is a rich habitat for marine animals and other wildlife. Most cruise lines don’t go here so enjoy this unique opportunity and you can even take an optional expedition excursion here. As with all Alaska, what you’ll be able to see is subject to weather and ice conditions.

7:00 AM TO 6:00 PM Seward (Anchorage)

day 12 Seward (Anchorage), Alaska

Seward, (Anchorage’s gateway) is sandwiched between the Kenai Mountains and the Kenai Fjords National Park. It is one of Alaska’s oldest and most scenic communities, with Mount Marathon rising majestically behind the town. Even though Anchorage is Alaska’s largest city, it is also home to 1,500 moose, surrounded by national parks full of wildlife.
8:00 AM TO 5:00 PM Homer

day 13 Homer, Alaska

Homer, Alaska
Two hundred miles south of Anchorage and home of the Discovery Channel’s “The Last Frontier,” Homer is a small city on beautiful Kachemak Bay. The geological landform known as Homer Spit is the main attraction here. This 4.5-mile-strip of land with its variety of shops, art galleries, seafood restaurants and beaches was named one of the best 100 beaches in the U.S. Less than 10 miles from the Spit is Kachemak Bay State Wilderness Park, the only designated wilderness park in Alaska. Homer is also known as the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World” and is the homeport for the Time Bandit of “Deadliest Catch” fame.
8:00 AM TO 6:00 PM Kodiak

day 14 Kodiak, Alaska

Kodiak, Alaska
Kodiak is noted as being one of the top three fishing ports in the country and home to over 650 boats. Alaska Marine ferries dock here and Kodiak is also home to the largest U.S. Coast Guard base. This renowned fishing destination offers a variety of sport fishing including halibut, rockfish, cod, trout and five species of salmon. But Kodiak is best known for the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge and the over 3,500 brown bears residing there. Bear viewing is the main attraction and male bears weigh in between 800-1,500 pounds and stand over 10 feet tall. Fort Abercrombie State Historical Park is the best place to learn about Kodiak’s WWII history.
7:00 AM TO 2:00 PM Sand Point

day 16 Sand Point, Alaska

Sand Point, Alaska
Sand Point, located on Popof Island, is home to the largest fishing fleet of the Aleutian Islands. The area offers excellent halibut, pollock, salmon, and cod fishing and the city is characterized by its ability to be self-sufficient, with modern marine facilities and commercial fishing at the heart of its culture. More than half the population here is of Qagan Taygunguin Tribe descent. There is a wonderful network of hiking trails here, where a herd of bison can be found as well as many birds and marine mammals.
12:00 PM TO 6:00 PM Dutch Harbor

day 17 Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Dutch Harbor, Alaska
Unalaska, home to the port of Dutch Harbor, has been continuously occupied by Aleuts for about 9,000 years. It is the only deep water port in the Aleutians and the main delivery port for king crab as featured on the Discovery Channel’s “The Deadliest Catch” reality show. The island provides opportunities for many types of outdoor activities such as bird/wildlife watching, hiking, skiing, sport fishing, and kayaking. The museums here are full of interesting artifacts from archaeological digs and the impact of WWII in the Aleutians.
9:00 AM TO 4:00 PM Kushiro

day 25 Kushiro, Japan

On the island of Hokkaido, Kushiro is home to Japan's largest marshland, the year-round home to endangered Japanese cranes. Highlights of Kushiro include the Fisherman's Wharf with its bustling marketplace and the Nausamai Bridge, one of the prettiest bridges of Japan. Our later stay here will afford you time to try the local seafood at the Fisherman's Wharf where you can grill your own seafood for a delightful local experience.
12:00 PM TO 6:00 PM Miyako

day 26 Miyako, Japan

Miyako is now starting to look like a city again. It has been rebuilding since the 2011 tsunami that devastated the city when it was hit with a 125-foot wave. Over 4,000 buildings were destroyed and over 900 fishing boats. Visit the rebuilt city whose highlights include the Jodogahama Beach, part of the Rikuchu Kaigan National Park, nationally designated a "Place of Scenic Beauty."
7:30 AM TO Tokyo

day 28 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan
There are so many interesting things about Tokyo it is not possible to list them here and you will want to plan to extend your stay. This is the place for excellent and unlimited shopping choices and from where new fashion trends seem to spring. It offers excellent cuisine and has earned mention on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Even though Tokyo’s neon-lit streets make it seem modernistic, it also prides itself on retaining its shogun past, carrying on sumo tournaments and kabuki productions. Tokyo is also committed to providing green spaces in the city or on the outskirts, quickly reached by train.

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