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Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras

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Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras
Enjoy the world’s premier yachting playgrounds in a beautiful small cruie ship that feels like your own private yacht. These beautiful ports string together like perfect pearls, each glowing with its own special beauty. Sparkling cities and charming villages. Secluded harbors and immaculate beaches. Discover the mystique and magic of the Rivieras that only an intimate yacht can show you.

A Complimentary Windstar Destination Discovery Event

Glitter & Glam of the Rivieras

Portofino: Beloved Villa Durazzo, Pesto Demo & Tastings

This exclusive delightful event will take you by private ferry to charming Santa Margherita Ligure with its rich villas, characteristic houses, and grand hotels creating a magical reflection around the bay.  You will walk to the Villa Durazzo, rising from 3rd century Roman construction, dominating the surrounding landscape and embraced by an elegant Italian-style garden.  Take your time strolling the gardens, and enjoying the live music and the amazing view of the Tigulio Gulf. 
You will have a guided tour through the villa full of Genoese paintings, sculptures, tapestries, stuccos, marbles, majolicas, crystal and varnished chinoise and be entertained with a pesto-making demonstration from a local chef.  You will be invited to indulge in a delicious selection of local wine and food specialties.  Your private ferry will return you to Portofino pleasantly sated.

Please note: This Destination Discovery Event has been scheduled in a way that will allow you to book and experience another shore excursion on the same day and you will not miss anything.

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