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Venetian Passageways

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Venetian Passageways
Board your Windstar yacht and enjoy all the wonders of Venice, the Queen of the Adriatic, as we overnight in this magical city Lord Byron called “a fairy city of the heart.” Discover wonders only a small cruise ship can take you to as this intoxicating voyage transports you along the ancient trade routes through the narrow confines of the Corinth Canal, to the ancient oracle of Delphi, and into the stunning fjords of Montenegro. The imposing ruins of the Parthenon, the intricately layered ruins of Butrint and Nafplio, one of the most beautiful and romantic towns in Greece.

A Complimentary Windstar Destination Discovery Event

Venetian Passageways

Katakolon: Magna Grecia – the Spirit of Greece Itself

A short drive through picturesque villages will take you to the family-owned Magna Grecia Farm located in the heart of a traditional agricultural region close to Ancient Olympia. You will visit the olive grove and learn the history of the olive tree and the tasty, peppery fruit produced here. You'll see the vineyards and their cherished farm animals as well. This family will introduce you to what they believe makes up the spirit of Greece itself - olives and wine. 
Immerse yourself in the beauty and charm of this estate as you sample the delicious flavors of Greek mezes (appetizer dishes) along with local wine. Flirt with Greek culture as you watch a short demonstration of Syrtaki dance, and maybe try a few steps yourself. 
Your feast for the senses will continue with a traditional Mediterranean lunch of bread and bruschetta with virgin olive oil,  tomato, feta cheese and black kalamata olives, fava beans, grilled traditional sausages, tzatziki, and the main course chicken fillet cooked with orange peel and lemon and orange juice served with a rice dish with saffron, pine nuts, currants and zucchini followed by dessert. Finish with Ouzo, the local liqueur that tastes like licorice. What’s not to enjoy on this exclusive Destination Discovery Event.  

Please note: This Destination Discovery Event has been scheduled in a way that will allow you to book and experience another shore excursion on the same day and you will not miss anything.

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