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Black Sea Sights & Turkish Delights

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Athens to Athens

Black Sea Sights & Turkish Delights
Follow Jason and the Argonauts through the Black Sea on their quest for the Golden Fleece and find a magical world where lines blur between fact and fantasy. Listen as your onboard narrator shares tales of the Trojan Horse and the Battle of Gallipoli as you navigate the narrow Dardanelles between ancient Troy and the famous World War I battlefield. Discover Istanbul, the romantic city once known as Constantinople, with its radiant Blue Mosque and still-bustling Silk Road caravanserai dating to the 17th century. Explore ancient towns brimming with medieval churches, charming Ottoman villages where the gold of the realm is saffron, and cuisines as delicious as they are unfamiliar. In fact, the unexpected is your constant companion on this voyage to all 6 countries that border the Black Sea. Follow wine to its original source in Georgia, far from the vineyards of France and Italy. Spend a long day in Odessa, a city that appears more European than Soviet with its Greek Street, French Boulevard and Italian Boulevard. Take in the novelty architecture of Batumi from the Acropolis to an upside-down White House. And rearrange your reality in Bulgaria, where shaking your head from side to side means "yes," and nodding your head up and down means "no." Although you may not find a golden fleece on this journey, each port you visit offers diverse and wonderful rewards.

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