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Norwegian Splendors

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Edinburgh to Edinburgh

Norwegian Splendors
Precipitous, glacier-carved shorelines, colorful clapboard fishing cabins, and wispy, veil-like waterfalls gently twisting in seaside breezes: The Norwegian coastline offers perspectives and experiences unlike any other in Europe and this 7-day adventure makes the most of every opportunity. Embark from Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, and quickly traverse the North Sea to Sognefjord, the deepest and longest fjord in Norway. Take a ride on the acclaimed FlÄmsbana Railway high into the remote mountains, then breathlessly descend by bike to the village below. Peer tentatively over the sheer face of Preikestolen at the captivating Lysefjord shoreline almost 2,000 feet beneath you. Or, if reflective solitude moves you, spend quiet moments among the intricate carved wood and polished surfaces of the Urnes Stave Church in Skjolden, one of the last surviving wooden structures from the Medieval Era. Sample and savor endless variations of smoked salmon, briny caviar, and plump scallops. Or keep it rustic with a golden dollop of tart, cloudberry jam on a thick slice of dense Norwegian fjellbrod. This is an unforgettable journey of stunning vistas, lingering twilights and enlightening discoveries of arts, foods and Viking traditions that shape our modern world today.

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