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Star Collector: Britannia’s Windswept Shores & Scandinavian Fjords

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Star Collector: Britannia’s Windswept Shores & Scandinavian Fjords
From the craggy, foggy coastlines of Brittania to the soaring Norwegians fjords, the tales and feasts of Viking and the Scots abound.  This cruise features stops in Ireland, the UK, Scotland, Norway, and Denmark. Sip a wee dram of exquisite whisky as you listen to tales of lost Spanish gold in Tobermory’s harbor port on the Isle of Mull. Wander the windswept Orkney Island moors near Skara Brae, Scotland. Admire massive glaciers and sample Norwegian cheeses in Olden, Norway. Browse Bergen’s eclectic waterfront shops for intricate Norwegian sweaters and wood-carved ornaments. Discover the celebrated history of the Skagen School and learn why accomplished artists ventured here a century ago to paint in Denmark’s distinct summer sunlight. This remarkable journey culminates among the cosmopolitan splendors of Copenhagen, where you can explore the 1800s amusement-park ambiance of the Tivoli Gardens and sample new Nordic cuisine at several of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the world.

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