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Star Collector: Captivating Coastlines & Fjords of the North Sea

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Reykjavik to London

Star Collector: Captivating Coastlines & Fjords of the North Sea
Revel in the year’s longest daylight hours while exploring ports and cities throughout the North Sea during a 3-week cruise. Set sail from Reykjavik, Iceland’s largest city and an epicenter for contemporary music. Meditate in the silent shadows of Kirkwall’s St. Magnus Cathedral, a community gathering space for nearly a thousand years. Stroll along the gray stone walls of Lerwick’s Fort Charlotte, which deterred a 1600s Dutch fleet despite being undergunned and incomplete. Kayak along Alesund’s archipelago as seabirds soaring against a background of towering Norwegian fjords. Inhale the malted aromas brewing inside Dublin’s Guinness Brewery and then master the perfect pour. This magnificent adventure eventually concludes in London, where you take a spin on the Eye high above the thriving Thames River, or cross the Tower Bridge and listen to the rasps of ravens, the last captive residents inside the haunting Tower of London.

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