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Star Collector: Vietnam Nights, Malaysian Sights

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Hong Kong to Singapore

Star Collector: Vietnam Nights, Malaysian Sights
Stroll among the hidden spaces, narrow passages and lush greenery along the right bank of Hanoi’s Red River. Explore the ethnic contrasts of Vietnam’s 54-recorded ethnic groups at the Museum of Ethnology, or chew on stimulating red beetle nuts among the diminutive lanes and crowded streets of the Thuy Nguyen District. Then spend an evening slurping sweet soups and shopping among clothing, accessories and ceramics in the Old Quarter’s Hanoi Night Market. Examine intricate hand embroidery and centuries-old designs with unique detailing often compared to photographs in Nha Trang. Wander the scenic grounds of the Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, or seek new, contemporary perspectives from the 360-degree deck of Sky Deck in the tallest building in the city. Watch local rubber tappers work in a small rubber tree plantation outside Malacca, then explore charming Dutch-period brick buildings near the center of the city. Venture to the center of Langkawi and take a guided tour of a lowland rainforest that serves as a habitat for butterflies, plants and animals unique to this area of the world. This remarkable journey concludes among the vibrant city streets of Singapore, where you can shop among crowded vendor stalls or take a harbor cruise for a better view of the skyline and the triple-towered Marina Bay Sands, one of the most expensive and exclusive casinos in the world.

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