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Nowhere else in the world will you find such a stunning juxtaposition of ancient traditions and contemporary cultures. Mystic temples give way to soaring skyscrapers while tranquil, timeless villages neighbor pulsating, modern cities. Windstar brings you the best of both worlds, taking you to the heart of cosmopolitan marvels like Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Tokyo and the exotic shores of small villages and unspoiled islands of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Bangkok to Singapore - 11 Days

Diverge from the ordinary as you delve into the extraordinary during an 11-day cruise along the coasts of Thailand and the Malaysia Peninsula. Dine on pungent durian or warm naan bread paired with spicy tandoori chicken among the varied and distinct aromas of the Jonker Street food and restaurant fare in Malacca. Vault skyward in a double-decker elevator to the breathtaking observation deck on the 86th floor of Petronas Towers high above Kuala Lumpur. Snorkel or swim off the quiet shores of an isolated beach near Langkawi. Spend a late evening in Phuket dining, dancing or watching nightlife beneath the neon glow of a thriving waterfront along Patong Bay in Thailand. This cruise concludes among the buzzing scooters and towering skyscrapers in thriving Singapore, where you can step aboard the world’s fastest elevators to the world’s highest observation deck in Shanghai Centre, or book an optional tour to Angkor Wat where you can reflect among the largest religious monuments on the planet.

Tokyo to Osaka - 10 Days

Layer after layer, Japan’s story unfolds. In Edo-period gardens with their perfectly sculpted karikomi. In Chiran’s exquisitely preserved samurai homes. In the peace memorials of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. And time after time you struggle to describe unforgettable moments, from your first view of Mount Fuji to the fluttering paper cranes of peace at Hiroshima’s Atomic Dome.

Hong Kong to Tianjin (Beijing) - 11 Days

Embark on a journey of discovery in China that will send your senses reeling. Savor dim sum in Hong Kong. Soak in powder blue hot springs and taste the umami of oyster pancakes and stinky tofu offered by Taiwanese street vendors. Climb the Great Wall for an unparalleled view of China’s past and to the Star Bar for an unparalleled view of your ship in the present.

Hong Kong to Bangkok - 12 Days

From Hong Kong and Bangkok's energetic embrace of east and west to Halong Bay's soul-stirring beauty, this journey will capture your heart. UNESCO World Heritage Sites are everywhere: the ancient trading city of Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary, Hue, Halong Bay. And between them lie miles of emerald jungle, brilliant smiles, and time at sea to make Star Legend your very own.

Tianjin (Beijing) to Tokyo - 11 Days

J-pop, Harajuku culture, and Korean dramas are born from the center of Asian pop culture – Japan and South Korea. Admire the pottery artists of Karatsu and the lasting grace of geishas with an overnight in Busan. Cruise the Inland Sea, stopping for famed art pieces in Uno Port, mixing equal parts pop culture and cultural heritage throughout your journey.

Singapore to Hong Kong - 14 Days

Unwind on a postcard-perfect Philippine beach full of natural beauty and see the blinding procession of Philippine wonders from Boracay, the “Best Island in the World” to Hundred Islands National Park including an overnight in charming Manila. Explore the tiny sultanate of Brunei and discover the maze of wooden boardwalks there. Captivating cities and untamed nature entice you, in turn, from your graceful ship.

Immerse yourself in an epic travel adventure that contrasts Southeast Asia’s grandest contemporary marvels with epic ancient temples and rustic villages throughout a 2-week tour from Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, to the ports, beaches and modern cities throughout Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Angkor Wat’s in depth land excursion gives you the freedom to experience the harmony and grandeur of this UNESCO site when you witness the temple at dawn or join up later in the day to see Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, the Banyon Temple, Ta Prohm and more. After two days in Cambodia you’ll fly to Bangkok and see famed landmarks like the Golden Buddha, Wat Traimit, Wat Pho and the Marble Temple before boarding your ship bound for the Gulf of Thailand. Relax beachside on an idyllic, uncrowded shoreline near Ko Kut. Shoot skyward in a state-of-the-art elevator to the KL Tower observation deck and take in the sweeping views of Kuala Lumpur. Wander a serpentine bridge deck and ponder summit vistas from the airy Langkawi Skybridge above Langkawi’s UNESCO Global Geopark, the longest curved, free-span suspension bridge in the world. This cruise features a special overnight stay in Thailand’s Phuket, so you can spend the day basking on a sunny beach before dining and dancing late into the evening. Trace your fingers along the weathered walls and UNESCO World Heritage architecture of Penang, formerly known as George Town, the first British settlement established by the East India Trade Company. Sample authentic local or eclectic, ethnic street foods ranging from simple grilled chicken to Chinese stir-fry or a wide range of Indian- and Thai-influenced curry dishes. Browse cluttered kiosks and colorful corner shops overladen with handicrafts and trinkets in Singapore’s Chinatown and Little India. It’s a perfect final stop for picking up one-of-a-kind personal mementos and souvenirs before catching a flight either home or to your next vacation getaway.

Hong Kong to Tianjin (Beijing) - 14 Days

Immerse your senses in a Far East journey featuring the vibrant big cities of Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei combined with the natural beauty of remote coastlines and Ishigaki Island’s rare blue coral reefs off Japan. Journey inland to Mutianyu, where you can walk along the best preserved sections of The Great Wall, and visit the storied walled city of Xian, where you can marvel at the bronze spears and intricate mail detailing sculpted into ancient Terracotta Warriors. Wander the wide, 109-acre expanse of Beijing’s historic Tiananmen Square, one of the largest public spaces in the world. Slurp spicy noodles and dine on delicious duck in Qingdao, or tour museums that reveal the European influences dating back to Imperial Germany’s century-old mining operations. Float in a glass-bottom boat over colorful fish and sharp reefs near Ishigaki Island in Japan. Participate in a Chinese Kong Fu tea ceremony in Taipei, or set off for the steep, green mountains and rags-to-riches stories throughout the old gold mining village of Chiufen.  Among the precipitous steel and glass canyons of Hong Kong, you can board a steep funicular railway bound for the Peak Tram Station high above the contemporary wonders lining the shores of Victoria Harbor.

Tokyo to Kyoto - 12 Days

From the tranquil Zen beauty of Kinkakuji Temple to the vibrant blinking plasma screens and incessant press of pedestrians throughout Tokyo’s Shibuya Station, this 12-day cruise tour throughout Japan combines pristine natural beauty with contemporary and cosmopolitan contrasts. Nibble on freshly caught fish paired with salty soy sauce and fiery wasabi in Shimizu’s world-famous Fish Market. Meander among East Asian relics and prehistoric stone tools in Busan’s museums, ornate temples and royal tombs in Gyeongju, one of South Korea’s most famous UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Sip steamy green tea in the peaceful shade of chestnut trees near the scenic Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu City, or participate in the ancient rituals of a formal tea ceremony. Examine Kyoto’s majestic temples and storied Nijo Castle in detail as part of a 2-night inland stay, or explore the Zen temple of Tenryuji in scenic and peaceful Arashiyama, one of the most popular destinations in the city. It’s a perfect journey for those who love Japan, and adventurous travelers who want to go further inland to explore the distinctive culture and history of Kyoto.

Hong Kong to Siem Reap - 15 Days

Discover Southeast Asia’s best ports during this delightful overview of the best cities, coastal sights and historic landmarks. Your exceptional travel experience includes a land tour to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world, and opportunities to see the nearby Angkor Archaeological Park and the distinct, brightly painted villages floating along the shores of Tonlé Sap Lake. Board a funicular tram bound for Victoria Peak’s exceptional vistas above Hong Kong’s skyline. Stroll beneath the thousand-year-old arches inside Hanoi’s Temple of Literature , then explore 36 Streets, Vietnam’s oldest city district the workplace for merchants and skilled artisans for more than two millennia. Stretch your legs on warm, sandy beaches as circular woven basket boats bob between paddle strokes in the currents off the beaches of Nha Trang. Barter with Ben Thanh Market vendors in Ho Chi Minh City before learning Vietnamese culinary arts from a renowned local chef.

Tianjin (Beijing) to Tokyo - 14 Days

Gaze into the terracotta eyes of stoic Chinese warriors sculpted more than 2,000 years ago. Step up to the imposing, ornate red gates leading to the Forbidden City in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. This exceptional 2-week cruise tour connects the largest landmarks and pristine beaches of China, South Korea and Japan with a bucket list land excursion from Beijing to the Terracotta Warriors in Xian and The Great Wall, the longest man-made structure in the world. Explore the alabaster-like coastal grandeur of Karatsu Castle in Japan, the mysterious, 1,300-year-old Beomeosa Temple near Busan in South Korea, and the stark, skeletal remains of the Atomic Bomb Dome at Hiroshima in Japan. Take in a scenic and sweeping 360-degree view of Kyoto from the Umeda Sky Building. Dine on freshly caught seafood in Shimizu’s vibrant and noisy fish market. Taste the unique, slightly tannic flavor of macha tea green gelato in Tokyo, or sit down for a full meal of fried vegetables and seafood dunked in crunchy tempura batter. If you’re yearning for detailed cultural immersion in this unique and historic region, this cruise is rich in precious memories you will savor for a lifetime.

Yokohama (Tokyo) to Seward (Anchorage) - 16 Days

Retrace the route of the Russian-American fur trade as you island-hop along the Aleutian archipelago, and cross the Pacific as guest lecturers enthrall you with tales of the Japanese islands ahead. Gain insights into fascinating cultures from Aleuts to Ainu, and rest your eyes on thrilling landscapes from ice-shrouded Kenai Fjords to the wild cliff- and cave-studded coastline of Miyako. Go beyond the tourist mainstream as you kayak the remote wildlife-rich waters off Sand Point and view World War II’s forgotten relics in Dutch Harbor. From Kodiak’s legendary brown bears to the quirky bohemian atmosphere of Homer, Kushiro’s rare Japanese cranes to Tokyo’s Michelin-starred restaurants, each day is a new and life-enriching adventure.

Cairns to Benoa - 16 Days

Arrive early in Cairns to allow extra time to wander the Cairns Esplanade, explore the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, Daintree National Park, and experience the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef—one of the largest, most diverse ecosystems on the planet and the world’s only natural wonder visible from space. Thursday Island offers the adventure of a wet landing and an introduction to the indigenous Torres Strait Islanders. Cultural exploration continues in Yirrkala, an Aboriginal artisan city where bark paintings, weaving and some of the finest Didgeridoos abound. In the cosmopolitan city of Darwin, don’t miss Mindil Beach, Kakadu National Park, and Crocosaurus Cove, home to turtles, water buffalo and saltwater crocodiles. Cross the Timor Sea to Kupang, Indonesia where friendly locals delight in showing their tenun ikat woven cloths and secluded beaches. Expand your idea of color upon entering Ende, Flores. This small hidden harbor is the launch point to visit Mount Kelimutu volcano with its mysterious 3-color crater lakes and Blue Stone Beach, known for its gorgeous multi-colored rocks.

Yokohama (Tokyo) to Vancouver - 28 Days

Spend 27 exhilarating days on both sides of the International Date Line among North American wildlife like bears, moose and caribou, calving glaciers in the Tracy and Endicott Arms, and stunning Japanese parks including the crater lake in Akan National Park in Kushiro. Your memorable Pacific port stops include Vancouver, Canada, 11 visits throughout Alaska and the Aleutians, and the final three stops on the other side of the international date line in Kushiro, Miyako, and Tokyo, Japan.

Bangkok to Tokyo - 47 Days

Take the full measure of East Asia’s charms on this 47-day voyage as you lounge on the spectacular beaches of the Philippines, sample Malaysia’s delectable cuisines, explore China’s treasure trove of history, and take in Japan’s stunning shrines and gardens. Rare ports like Ko Kut, Thailand, and Tamano, Japan, alternate with leisurely overnights in exotic favorites like Phuket, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manila and Busan. With just enough sea days to let you catch your breath (never more than two in a row), this port-intensive journey shows you Asia as few ever see it.

Hong Kong to Tokyo - 22 Days

This 22-day cruise through Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China offers an ideal introduction to the best travel destinations throughout Asia. Admire the quiet symmetrical grace of Mount Fuji as you ride an aerial ropeway up a mountain to the Kunozan Toshogu Shrine near Shimizu, Japan. Explore the research center at the massive Sangumburi Crater in South Korea, a geologic wonder featuring four types of distinct and remarkable forest zones within the former volcano’s caldera. Inhale the aroma of freshly crushed hops inside the century-old Tsingtao Brewery in Qingdao, China, and then take in a futuristic, high-flying Chinese acrobatic show in the bright, modern metropolis of Shanghai, China.

Bangkok to Hong Kong - 25 Days

Savor fresh gourmet seafood and sweet tropical fruits among the rainforest canopy near Thailand’s Ko Kut. Roll along in a rickshaw past temples and busy Malacca markets. Seek out rare birds, butterflies, and animals in a Malaysian lowland rainforest in Langkawi. Delight in the mouth-watering cashew chicken or simply inhale the spicy aromas wafting from a crowded vendor stand in Phuket. Step aboard a local outrigger in Coron bound for the best snorkeling destinations in the Philippines. Your journey concludes among Hong Kong’s brightly illuminated shops and busy streets, among families and savvy travelers perusing unsurpassed bargains from around the world.

Singapore to Tianjin (Beijing) - 25 Days

Stroll shoulder-to-shoulder with international high-rollers among the sparkle and glamour of Singapore’s exclusive Marina Bay Sands Casino. Weave through the colorful clutter of Malaysian wares and trinkets in Kuching’s thriving Main Bazaar. Learn about ethnic Borneo traditions as you sample local warm-weather remedies and discover time-honored baking techniques. Snorkel Kayangan Lake, one of the purest lakes in the Philippines. Explore the unique tomb houses and ornate temples throughout Manila’s Chinese Cemetery. Swim, dive, or kayak on one of three developed islands in the Hundred Islands of the Philippines. Rocket skyward in the fastest elevator in the world before taking in the breathtaking perspectives from the observation deck of Taipei 101, the tallest skyscraper in Southeast Asia. Spend an evening ashore among the busy and thriving Shanghai restaurants dining on savory seafood and spicy noodles. This exceptional journey concludes in Beijing, not far from the storied gates of China’s Forbidden City, where you can visit historic temples, seek out sweeping city vistas and wander countless shops for unique gifts and memorable keepsakes.

Hong Kong to Singapore - 23 Days

Stroll among the hidden spaces, narrow passages and lush greenery along the right bank of Hanoi’s Red River. Explore the ethnic contrasts of Vietnam’s 54-recorded ethnic groups at the Museum of Ethnology, or chew on stimulating red beetle nuts among the diminutive lanes and crowded streets of the Thuy Nguyen District. Then spend an evening slurping sweet soups and shopping among clothing, accessories and ceramics in the Old Quarter’s Hanoi Night Market. Examine intricate hand embroidery and centuries-old designs with unique detailing often compared to photographs in Nha Trang. Wander the scenic grounds of the Jade Emperor Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City, or seek new, contemporary perspectives from the 360-degree deck of Sky Deck in the tallest building in the city. Watch local rubber tappers work in a small rubber tree plantation outside Malacca, then explore charming Dutch-period brick buildings near the center of the city. Venture to the center of Langkawi and take a guided tour of a lowland rainforest that serves as a habitat for butterflies, plants and animals unique to this area of the world. This remarkable journey concludes among the vibrant city streets of Singapore, where you can shop among crowded vendor stalls or take a harbor cruise for a better view of the skyline and the triple-towered Marina Bay Sands, one of the most expensive and exclusive casinos in the world.

Benoa to Singapore - 14 Days

Begin your voyage in Benoa and be instantly entranced by Bali’s spectacular beauty, calm waters, small village atmosphere and Batik artistry. Bali Volcano is the first of four, followed by Gunung Rinjani on Lombok, Java’s Mount Bromo and the famous Krakatoa. In the rarely visited port of Lembar, experience true island life and savor a satay cooked over coals and topped with peanut sauce. Celukan Bawang offers the volcanic black sand Lovina Beach and Puri Agung Beleleng Compound, the home of the first king of Beleleng Regency. Java’s Probolinggo is home to Mount Bromo and the ethnic minority Tengger people who have held onto their traditions for centuries. Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will delight in the private island feel of remote Pulau Menyawakan, where white-sand beaches, rainforests, coastal mangroves and a biodiverse reef system welcomes snorkelers and divers with 35 types of corals and sponges. In Semarang, sample the fantastic Chinese food and climb to enlightenment at the 8th century Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. In the small port of Kepulauan Seribu, visit the secluded unspoiled beaches of Pantara Island featuring white-sand surrounded by emerald-green waters. Conclude your Indonesian adventure upon arriving in the world’s second busiest port of Singapore. After a day of exploring the Botanic Gardens, Chinatown, Little India, Kampong Glam and shopping on Orchard Road, toast a Singapore Sling to the trip of a lifetime at the Raffles Hotel.

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